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IBIS Links is the web's premier site for electronic resources in British and Irish Studies. 

Please help us expand and maintain IBS Links.  If you have a new link to suggest, send an email to Rebecca Lemon at rlemon@usc.edu.

Some links have been placed, if appropriate, in more than one category.  But it will usually be worth your while to check multiple categories.

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For USC users, Anthony Anderson has created a great guide to resources in British and Irish History

Archives and Libraries gives you access to repositories worldwide that contain significant collections in British and Irish Studies.

Bibliographies links you to specific databases and bibliographies.

Dictionaries provides access to searchable dictionaries for the various languages of the British Isles.

Manuscripts and Texts Online is a treasure trove of online materials in British and Irish history.  A new section (at the bottom) includes sites accessible only via license.

Paleography and Codicology offers assistance in mastering the archival challenges of historical study.

Reference Works helps you unravel the mysteries of calendars, money, cockney, watermarks, and much more.

Specific Topics links you to sites devoted to particular aspects of British and Irish history.

Visual Resources gives you access to online collections of art, maps, photographs, brass rubbings, manuscript illuminations, and the like.

Institutes and Associations lists the major associations for scholars and students interested in British and Irish history.

Listserves helps you connect with like-minded scholars online.