IBIS Faculty


Emily Anderson (English), Eighteenth-century women writers who were simultaneously novelists and playwrights.

Lois Banner (History), Constructions of beauty and the body in twentieth-century Britain and the United States.

Judith Bennett (History), Late medieval England, especially women.

Lisa Bitel (History), Medieval Ireland, especially women.

Joseph Boone (English), The modern novel as genre, and issues of gender and sexuality. 

Leo Braudy (English), Civil War and Restoration, as well as the context of Europe and the Americas.

Joseph A. Dane (English), Bibliography and printing history, medieval literature.

Lawrence D. Green (English), Renaissance recovery of Greek and Latin rhetoric and philosophy, Renaissance literature and drama, and British history from 1500 to 1800.

Deborah Harkness (History), Tudor England, especially science and medicine.

Cynthia Herrup (History), Tudor-Stuart Britain, especially law and society.

Heather James (English), Literary representation in political history and political philosophy in the early modern period, with emphases on empire studies and the transmission of classical models.

Jim Kincaid (English), Victorian literature and age studies, comedy,Victorian sexuality and children.

Dan Klerman, (Law), English legal history, especially medieval and early modern.

Rebecca Lemon (English), Literature of early modern Britain, with a special focus on law, history, and drama.

Philippa Levine (History), British empire and modern Britain, especially gender, race, and sexuality.

David Lloyd (English), Modern Irish literature and poetry.

Peter Mancall (History), early modern Atlantic world.

Robert C. Ritchie (History), early British America.

Meg Russett (English), Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, with emphases in Romantic poetry and prose as well as gothic fiction.

Hilary M. Schor (English), Victorian literature and culture, especially narrative theory and the novel, the genre of realism, feminism, and legal studies.

Carole Shammas (History), British Atlantic economy and society, 1550-1800.

Bruce R. Smith (English), Early modern visual art and literature, especially theatrical performance, gender, sexuality, and  sound.

Tok Thompson (Anthropology), Gaelic-speaking areas of Ireland and Scotland (past and present), Gaelic literature and media, folklore, post-colonialism.

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