2013 I Am USC Dornsife Contestants


Contest Winners:

First Place: Unlimited, Unbounded, Infinite, Rebecca Braun, 2013

Second Place: Threads, Brittany Lala, 2013

Third Place: Composing USC, John Ingram, 2015


Nos Populus (We the People), Jacquelin Arroyo, 2014

The Sacrifice, Lily Ball, 2014

Where All Roads Lead, Panchajanya Banerjee, 2012

Blazers Mural, Claire Baugher, 2014

Chrome-atics, Stephanie Chen, 2016

A Thousand Words (Written Statement), Lisa Eberly, 2013

A Reflection, Samantha Freitag, 2013

I am Dornsife, Lindsey Jones, 2013

I am Dornsife Contest Essay, Brett Klivans, 2013

I Dream, Therefore I Do, Julia Li, 2014

Because I Follow My Dreams, Malina Lim, 2015

I'm a Dornsife Song, Stephanie Lu, 2016

An Urban Backcountry, Megan Nathan, 2014

Egg Donation: A Rising Solution to Expensive Tuition, Katherine Ostrowski, 2013

Dauntless, Candice Roberts, 2014

Sweetest Thing (Written Statement), Anna Schulze, 2014

Absorbing the Inferno (1-8), (9-13), (Photos 1-5) (Written Statement), Ifrah Sheikh, 2014

The Power of Writing, Georgia Soares, 2016

Perchance to Dream, Krysti Teng, 2014

I am Dornsife. I wear many shirts; Kim Vu, 2013

La Tamborrada, Laura Walsh, 2014

Diversity, Academics, and Research: My Dornsife Experience: Rebecca Wertman, 2013

I am Dornsife. James is Dornsife (Writted Statement), James White, 2015