Select Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Monographs

Huang, Chin-Hao and Olawale Ismail. "China-Africa Security Relations: A New Security Paradigm?" In The Security Activities of External Actors in Africa, edited by Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Skons. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "From Strategic Adjustment to Normative Learning? Understanding China's Peacekeeping Efforts in Africa," Journal of International Peacekeeping, 17, no.3 (2013). Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. China's Soft Power in East Asia: A Quest for Status and Influence? Washington, D.C.: The National Bureau of Asian Research, 2013. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao and Bates Gill. "China and UN Peacekeeping." In Providing Peacekeeping: The Politics, Challenges, and Future of UN Peacekeeping, edited by Paul Williams and Alex Bellamy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "PLA Involvement in International Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief." In Learning by Doing: The PLA Trains at Home and Abroad, edited by Roy Kamphausen, David Lai, and Travis Tanner. Carlisle Barracks: U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, 2012. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "Peacekeeping, Sovereignty, and Intervention." In Chinese Foreign Policyedited by Emilian Kavalski. London: Ashgate, 2012. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "Principles and Praxis of China's Peacekeeping." In China's Evolving Approach to Peacekeepingedited by Marc Lanteigne and Miwa Hirono. Oxford: Routledge, 2012 (book was originally published a a special issue of International Peacekeeping). Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "Principles and Praxis of China’s Peacekeeping." International Peacekeeping18, no. 3 (2011). Click here for more details.

Gill, Bates, and Chin-Hao Huang. China's Expanding Role in Peacekeeping: Prospects and Policy ImplicationsStockholm: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 2009. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "China's Renewed Partnership with Africa." In China into Africa: Trade, Aid, and Influenceedited by Robert I. Rotberg. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2008. Click here for more details.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "U.S.-China relations and Darfur." Fordham International Law Journal 31, no. 4 (2008). Click here for more details.


Working Papers

Huang, Chin-Hao. "China Rising: Status, Security, and Socialization." Paper presented at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, August 29-September 1, 2013 [recipient of the 2014 APSA Foreign Policy section best paper award].

Huang, Chin-Hao. "Cautious Compliance: China and the UN Arms Trade Treaty." Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), San Francisco, CA, April 3-6, 2013.

Huang, Chin-Hao. "Explaining China's Negotiating Behavior in the South China Sea." Working chapter in the dissertation.


Additional Publications

Sutter, Robert and Chin-Hao Huang. "China Gains and Advances in the South China Sea," Comparative Connections 14, no. 3 (2013). Click here for more details.

Research analysis commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Strategic Program Fund, entitled "'Bridging the Gap:' Analysis of China's Export Controls against International Standards," May 2012. Click here for more details.

Lead researcher for a monograph entitled, The Evolution of EU and Chinese Arms Export Controls, a joint research collaboration between Saferworld and the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association (CACDA), March 2012. Click here for more details.

Testimony and written statement provided for the Congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on China's military and security activities abroad, 2009. Click here for more details.

Forthcoming Publications

Huang, Chin-Hao and Patrick James. "Blue, Green, or Aquamarine?: Taiwan and the Status Quo Preference in Cross-Strait Relations," The China Quarterly (Fall 2014).

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