Undergraduate Studies in History


Whether you are joining the History Department to fulfill a general education requirement or to become a History Major, all are welcome to participate in our community of scholars and faculty.  As a student of the USC History Department, you will join one of the top-20 history departments in the country!

    Feel free to read up on our course offerings and undergraduate programs, or watch the film below to learn more about the department, our teaching vision, and the strengths we bring to our classroom.


  • Why Choose History?

    History teaches you to appreciate and evaluate the world beyond your own lived experience.  The study of History can take you to cultures, places, and events beyond the here-and-now.  You can study politics, armies, social groups, the ties between the sexes, big ideas, art, or the making of great literature.

  • History trains you to write, think, and argue critically.  Historians are analysts of complex data, exotic documents, mysterious images and writers of persuasive prose. Some History majors go on to graduate studies and careers in schools, universities, and archives. Others find that they are highly prepared for law school, journalism, politics, social services, or any number of other jobs that require analytical skills.

  • Our faculty are nationally and internationally known experts in their fields! They combine top-rate research in their specialities with a dedication to teaching. Classes are usually small so that students can work personally with professors.

  • USC and Los Angeles have some of the best resources for historical study in the country. The History Department hosts its own web-based archival and image databases. Nearby are the world-famous Huntington Library, the Getty Museum and Library, and all the other museums and archives of the LA region.

  • History opens your future career path to a multitude of options from educator to advocate to a Provost at USC..  In recent years our majors have gone to leading law and medical schools, prestigious Ph.D programs, Teach for America, television journalism, as well as the NFL and the Olympics.

  • History prepares yourecent studies by Georgetown University and the American Historial Association have concluded that students who majored in history in college, especially American History, are among the highest earners in humanities.   

  • Department of History
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