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Coming in Spring 2015...

Jim Grossman, Executive Director of the American Historical Association, will visit the History Department to lead a workshop on What to Do With Your Doctoral Degree.

Tuesday, February 3 - watch for additional announcements!

Jim Grossman


In May 2014, the History Department produced eight new PhDs
  • Ann Johnson
  • Max Felker-Kantor
  • Monica Pelayo
  • Rebecca Cerling
  • Alison Lauterbach
  • Julia Ornelas-Higdon
  • Curtis Fletcher
  • Luman Wang


Our entering class of 2014
  • Will Cowan
  • Jenna Ross-Glemser
  • Simon Judkins
  • Jordan Keagle
  • Randall Meissen
  • Skyler Reidy
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  • Social Sciences Building (SOS) 153
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