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Beyond Language Lessons

Studying abroad at TIU was an experience that I will never forget. I feel that the program was able to provide a good balance between academics, opportunities for social interaction, and exposure to the Japanese culture. Before going to TIU, I was a shy and quiet individual. However, with the small class sizes and the connection that developed between the other JSP and TIU students, I have learned to be more outgoing and am able to quickly adjust to new situations.

Some of the best experiences that I took from TIU involved the relationships that I made with my Host Family and TIU students. My Host Family exposed and guided me through the culture and helped me to understand Japan’s customs through various trips and late night conversations. Although at first I was hesitant to meet the TIU students out of fear that they would not want to associate with foreigners, they were warm and welcoming and quickly incorporated us into their daily lives as friends.

--Gregg Muragishi
Tokyo International University