Residential Education

I am the Resident Faculty Fellow in Trojan Hall in South Area. I live with my wife, Lynn Ta, and our two boys, Zeke (3) and Eli (1) in Trojan Hall. If you want a good overview of what resident faculty are all about, check out this story by Annenberg TV News on resident faculty in South Area and this wonderful profile of Oliver Mayer, the faculty master in the Parkside Residential College.

I've posted pictures of a few of last-year's highlights: a hike in Runyon Canyon followed by Pinks Hotdogs, a wander around Chinatown for dim sum and little L.A. history, and a jaunt down to Watts for fried chicken and waffles at the historic Watts Coffee House and a tour of the iconic Watts Towers. Oh yeah, and the LA County Museum of Art so I could get my Rodin fix.  

I will be hosting "home-office hours" during the fall semester, which are open to both residents and students enrolled in my courses on Tuesdays 3:30-4:30, so come by for a cup of coffee and say hi!  

One of the themes I try to work into my programs as a resident faculty is connecting college to careers and getting students to think strategically about their career early in their time at USC. So far this year we've had a number of great guests speaking with students on this topic including a hollywood writer, the communications director for Mayor Garcetti, and the CEO of a data analytics firm. I also just ran a short training for the RAs on this topic, and the slides for that are here.  I'm always happy to talk these things over students, so just drop me an e-mail or come by my home-office hours.  

A Little About Us

Lynn, Zeke, and I arrived at USC the summer of 2012 and Eli joined us the summer of 2013. Lynn is a social justice attorney with a Ph.D. in Literature from UC San Diego and a J.D. from Berkeley.

I also received my Ph.D. from UC San Diego, and when I'm not doing my research I like to get outside and hike, bike, rock climb, ski, and generally ramble about.