Opportunities for Student Research

I currently have four undergraduate student researchers woirking with me during the fall semester, and may have new openings for the Spring of 2013. Funding is avaialable through the SOAR program. Interested students should contact me by e-mail.

Investing in Human Rights

The Investing in Human Rights project explores how communities in developing countries can use internal accountability mechanisms at international financial institutions like the World Bank to hold corporations accountable for human rights abuses. My collaborator on the project is Lynn Ta, J.D. Ph.D.

Student Role:

Student researchers will examine the types of complaints that are filed, the types of firms against which they are filed, and how the cases are resolved. 

Reform and Reward: The Responses of U.S.-Based Multinationals to Decreases in Political Risk

This project exploits classified data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis to assess the types of foreign firms that invest first following improvements in political risk, and that type of firms that profit most from doing so. 

Student Role:

Student researchers will examine 44 distinct episodes of political risk improvement in developing countries 1994-2010.  They will determine the nature of the events or reforms that generated the improvements, and the precise date on which these events/reforms took place.