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Oscar De Los Santos Selected as Truman Scholar
April 23, 2014

The political science junior wants to work on the issue of voter protection and has long-term goals of representing his home…

Welcome to the Jungle
April 1, 2014

Human and evolutionary biology Ph.D. candidate James Askew follows the call of the wild to Southeast Asia to study orangutans.

The Small But Mighty Chickpea
March 28, 2014

With the rapidly expanding world population, food production must increase in tandem. USC Dornsife’s Sergey Nuzhdin is…

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
March 18, 2014

The Trojan League of Los Angeles’ annual benefit and luncheon showcases USC Dornsife.

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USC Dornsife in the World

Not Following the Herd

A newborn goat, umbilical cord still attached, stumbled across the dusty road, bleating in wonder. From the airplane window a day earlier, eight USC Dornsife undergraduates had watched the Los Angeles sprawl and jammed I-405 vanish before their eyes. Now they were in rural Ghana.... Read more >

A Romance Language Perfected

Inside a Taper Hall classroom, USC Dornsife senior Bridget McDonald chatted with classmates, effortlessly transitioning from English to Spanish. The Pasadena, Calif., native’s confidence faltered, however, when native Spanish speakers struck up a conversation with her. That was before she spent a month in Spain.... Read more >

Clues from Ancient Antioch

Lynn Swartz Dodd and her students had heard rumblings of a 10th-century cemetery deep in the brush in the Hatay region of Turkey near Antakya, the ancient city of Antioch. But no one had ever translated the inscribed gravestones to decipher who was buried there. Carrying heavy bags of high-tech imaging equipment and slashing through overgrown cotton fields in 90-degree heat, Dodd’s team became the first.... Read more >


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