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Majors + Europe and Eurasia

Anthropology + With courses like ANTH 326 Ethnography of European Culture and AHIS 201g Digging into the Past: Material Culture and the Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean, anthropology explores the importance of culture in shaping human behavior and cultural relativity.

Archaeology + The major in archaeology delves into the past with courses like ANTH 311 Old World Archaeology, AHIS 320 Aegean Archaeology, and REL 394 Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology to help explain the complex material history of the world.

Art History + Combining the study of art with the study of culture in courses like AHIS 121g Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern, AHIS 330 Medieval Art, andAHIS 377 Spanish Colonial Art and Architecture, art history provides an unique look into Europe and Eurasia.

Classics + Courses such as CLAS 323 Aegean Archaeology, CLAS 149 Ancient Empires, andCLAS 470 Democracies Ancient and Modern give classics majors understanding of the cultures, languages, and literatures of ancient Europe and Eurasia.

Comparative Literature + The major in comparative literature provides snapshots of different people, culture, and history in Europe and Eurasia with courses like COLT 324 Women in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, COLT 374gm Women Writers in Europe and America, and COLT 445m Europe and the Writing of Others.

English + Looking at ethnic literature and cultural studies with courses like ENGL 420 English Literature of the Middle Ages (1100-1500), ENGL 424 English Literature of the ­Romantic Age (1780-1832), and ENGL 462 British and American Drama 1800-1950, the major in English provides a strong foundation in literary and cultural theory.

French + Utilizing courses like FREN 352 Modern French Cultures, FREN 400 20th-Century France, and FREN 410 Actualités Françaises, the major in French offers greater understanding of social and political institutions of Europe and Eurasia within the context of intellectual history.

History + With courses like HIST 303 Barbarians, Romans, and Christians, HIST 305 From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe, and HIST 427 The German Question: Nation and Identity in Modern Central Europe, the major in history exposes students to deep connections between the study of past times and places in Europe and Eurasia.

International Relations + Courses like IR 346 Foreign Policy of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, IR 389 Islam in France, and IR 439 Political Economy of Russia and ­Eurasia, provide greater understanding of the global developments and politics of Eurasia.

Italian + The major in Italian offers courses like ITAL 340 Italian Literature from Unification to Fascism, ITAL 345 Contemporary Italy, and ITAL 440 Futurism and Fascism in Italy, to study the social and political institutions of Europe and Eurasia.

Judaic Studies + In-depth study of Jewish thought, ethics, history, literature, tradition, spirituality, and women's studies using courses like JS 211g The Holocaust, JS 214 Zionism, Israel, and the Modern World, and JS 340 Modern Jewish History, provide an unique approach to studies in Europe and Eurasia.

Philosophy + Designed to acquaint students with the fundamental problems of Western thought and introduce them to the concepts and techniques necessary for independent philosophical thinking, the major in philosophy offers such courses as PHIL 225g Love and its Representations in Western Literature, Philosophy, and Film, PHIL 421 Continental Rationalism, and PHIL 422 British Empiricism.

Political Science + The major in political science uses courses like POSC 370 and POSC 371 European Political Thought, POSC 463 European Politics, and POSC 464 Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe, to make the transition from informed citizen to political scholar.

Religion + Designed to facilitate the appreciation and critical evaluation of all religious traditions in the light of past and present scholarship, the major in religion offers courses like REL 339 Studies in the History of Christianity, REL 435 Religious Thought After the Enlightenment, and REL 479 Seminar in Christian Thought.

Russian + The major offers students the opportunity to witness the dramatic renaissance of one of the world's major cultures as it redefines itself and its place in the world with courses like SLL 200 Russian Moral Dilemmas in the 20th Century, SLL 201 Contemporary Russian Culture and Society, and SLL 321 Russian Culture.

Spanish + With courses like SPAN 352 The Transatlantic Golden Age: New Worlds Real and Imagined, SPAN 405 History of the Spanish and Portuguese Languages, and SPAN 455 Picaresque Itineraries: Empire and Its Discontents, the major in Spanish offers an unique opportunity to emphasize the language, literature, linguistics, and culture of Europe and Eurasia.

Problems Without Passports

Most, if not all, of the societal problems or challenges we face are transnational or global in nature. These problems like global climate change, pandemics or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are global challenges that do not belong to a single country. These are "problems without passports."


Study Abroad

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers exciting and diverse opportunities to study abroad in 51 unique programs in 29 countries. Students are encouraged to integrate study abroad into their overall USC experience. Studying abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth while gaining insight into other cultures, developing leadership skills, and networking for the future.