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Georgia Binkele

Name: Georgia Binkele

Major: Mathematics

Class level: Freshman

Research interest: Her most passionate research interest is water purification. She is interested in studying the water and sewage systems in third world countries in order to provide third world inhabitants with a healthier life

Research interest: Georgia is also interested in womens' rights and education in the Middle East. She is passionate about woman power and would love to research the ideology behind the Middle Eastern male psyche and traditions that inhibit women from being educated

Research interest: She is interested in studying the increasing population in India and China. She would like to study the factors that affect the birth rates and velocity of population growth as well as future consequences

Research interest: Her last research interest focuses on religion and its effect on a country's prosperity. For example, Italy which is strongly catholic versus China, which is mainly Buddhist. Also, Islam in the Middle East versus the freedom of religion in America.

Related coursework: n/a

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