Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies



A total of nine courses are required to complete the major in Gender Studies.


One Lower Division Course

Choose one of the following two courses to fill the lower division requirement.

  • SWMS 210gm, Social Issues in Gender (also fills GE Cat 6), OR
  • SWMS 215g, Gender Conflict in Cultural Contexts (also fills GE Cat 6)


Upper Division: Three Required Courses
  • SWMS 301m, Introduction to Feminist Theory and the Women’s and Men’s Movements
  • SWMS 311, Gender Studies Internship
  • SWMS 410, Senior Seminar in Gender Studies—FALL SEMESTERS ONLY


Upper Division Electives: Five Courses, Cross-Listed and SWMS

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary major. This means that many courses that count for credit towards the Gender Studies major are cross-listed with other departments.

Over 40 courses are officially cross-listed with Gender Studies, plus nine additional Gender Studies (SWMS) upper division courses (not including the courses listed above). There are many, many options for students who want to study gender in diverse contexts. For more information about all of these course options, please see the Gender Studies section in the USC Catalogue.


Honors Option

The Gender Studies Program offers a two-semester honors program in which qualified majors spend their first semester in an honors track in an upper division seminar, usually SWMS 410 Senior Seminar. During the second semester, all honors students are required to take SWMS 492 Honors Thesis, in which each completes a thesis project on a topic of his or her choosing under faculty direction. Contact the department for further information.

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