Gender Studies Faculty



Core Faculty


 Tim Biblarz

Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Family Sociology, Stratification and Social Mobility, Gender and Sexuality, Demography, Statistics

Email: * Office: HSH 210 * Phone: (213) 740-3547  





Joseph Boone

Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Gender Studies

Email: * Office: THH 402G * Phone: (213) 740-2818





Sheila Briggs

Associate Professor of Religion and Gender Studies

Email: * Office: ACB 130 * Phone: (213) 740-0267




Alice Echols

Professor of English, History, and Barbra Streisand Professor in Contemporary Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Popular Music Studies through the lens of gender, race, and sexuality; 20th C. U.S. History, particularly the long Sixties; Theories of Feminism; Memoir; Biography

Email: * Office: SOS 274 * Phone: (213) 821-0862




Jack Halberstam

Professor of English, American Studies and Ethnicity, and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Critical Theory, Film & Popular Culture, Gender Studies, 19th-Century, Queer Studies.

Email: * Office: KAP 448F * Phone: (213) 740-4592




Ange-Marie Hancock

Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: American Politics, Political Theory, Public Policy Race/Ethnic Politics, Gender Politics, Intersectionality

Email: * Office: VKC 327 * Phone: (213) 740-6998




Sharon Hays

Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: cultural sociology; sociology of inequality; gender studies; social theory

Email: * Office: KAP 352 * Phone: (213) 740-3533




Nancy Lutkehaus

Professor of Anthropology, Gender Studies and Political Science

Research Specialties: The art and cultures of Oceania. Gender in Melanesia and East Africa (Kenya in particular). Missionaries in Oceania. Margaret Mead and the history of anthropology.

Email: * Office: KAP 352 * Phone: (213) 740-1917




 Michael Messner

Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: sex and gender, gender and sport, gender-based violence

Email: * Office: HSH 212 * Phone: (213) 740-8848




 Sunyoung Park

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Intellectual and cultural history of modern Korea and Japan; contemporary Korean literature and film; Marxism; postcolonial studies; transnational feminism

Email: * Office: THH 378 * Phone: (213) 740-8256




 Rhacel Parrenas

Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Gender, Migration, Families, Intimacy, Economic Globalization, Women and Work, Feminist Theory, Asian American Studies, Philippines and Southeast Asian Studies

Email: * Office: HSH 324 *Phone: (213) 740-3533




Karen Tongson

Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Queer & Gender Studies; Minority Discourse; Popular Culture (Pop Music, TV, Entertainment & Media Cultures); Suburban Studies; Performance; Los Angeles & the Southern California Region; Contemporary Literature; 19th-Century British Literature; Theory; Aesthetics

Email: * Office: THH 416 * Phone: (213) 740-2817




Sherry Velasco

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Areas of specialization: Early Modern Spanish prose and theater; early modern women’s narrative. Interests: Gender studies, queer theory, and visual cultural studies. 

Email: * Office: THH 156M * Phone: (213) 740-7659





Affiliated Faculty


 Michelle Gordon

Assistant Professor of English and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: 20th-c African American literary and cultural movements; 19th-c and 20th-c narratives of white supremacy; the interracial literary Left; freedom struggle history; black women's studies; women writers; migration, exile, diaspora studies; black aesthetics

Email: * Office: THH 420 * Phone: (213) 740-2815




Katie Hasson

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: Gender; Science, Technology, and Medicine; Sexuality; the Body; Health and Illness

Email: * Office: HSH 314 * Phone: (213) 740-3533





Kim Shayo Buchanan

Associate Professor of Law and Gender Studies

Email: * Office: LAW 474 *Phone: (213) 821-4411




Diana Williams

Assistant Professor of History, Law, and Gender Studies

Research Specialties: 19th Century North America; law; race; gender; sexuality

Email: * Office: SOS 277 * Phone: (213) 740-9325





Associate Professors (teaching)



Diana Blaine

Professor (Teaching) of Writing

Email: * Office: JEF 150 * Phone: (213) 821-1209




Christopher Freeman

Professor (Teaching) of English

Research Specialties: 20th century literature; the novel; memoir; literary theory; gay and lesbian studies; Los Angeles/Hollywood

Email: * Office: THH 424 * Phone: (213) 740-3745







Joseph Hawkins

Associate University Librarian and Director, ONE National Gay and Lesbian Library and Archives

Research Specialties: Japan, homosexuality, elite restaurants

Email: * Office: UUC 217 * Phone: (213) 740-4940





Emeritus Faculty



Lois Banner

Professor Emerita of History and Gender Studies






Gloria Orenstein

Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies


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