Gender Studies Courses and Cross-Listed Courses


Gender Studies Courses, Lower Division

SWMS 210gm, Social Issues in Gender

SWMS 215gp, Gender Conflict across Cultural Contexts

SWMS 225 Sex Similarities and Differences


Gender Studies Courses, Upper Division

SWMS 301gm, Feminist Theory: an Introduction

SMWS 306, Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

SWMS 311, Gender Studies Internship

SWMS 336, Health, Gender and Ethnicity

SWMS 349, Women and the Law

SWMS 355, Transgender Studies

SWMS 358, U.S. Gay and Lesbian History

SWMS 364m, Racial & Ethnic Women in America

SWMS 384m, Overcoming Prejudice

SWMS 385m, Men & Masculinity

SWMS 410, Senior Seminar

SWMS 415, Ecofeminism

SWMS 420, Woman, Nature, Culture

SWMS 425, Queer Los Angeles

SWMS 455m, Gender & Sport


Cross-Listed Courses (see the USC Catalogue for changes)

AHIS 304xm, Italian Renaissance Art

AHIS 363m, Race, Gender & Sexuality in Contemporary Art

ANTH 305, Childhood, Birth and Reproduction

ANTH 320, Male and Female in Pacific Society

ANTH 330, Culture, Gender and Politics in South Asia

ANTH 370, Family and Kinship in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 380, Sex & Gender in Anthropological Perspective

ARCH 442m, Women’s Spaces in History: “Hussies,” “Harems,” and “Housewives”

CLAS 300, Women in Antiquity      

COLT 324, Women in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

COLT 374gm, Women Writers in Europe and America

COLT 377, Literature, Theory, Gender

COMM 395m, Gender, Media and Communication

COMM 465, Gender in Media Industries and Products

CTCS 412, Gender, Sexuality and Media

EALC 375, Women and Gender in China: Past and Present

ENGL 469, Women in English Literature before 1800    

ENGL 470, Women in English & American Lit after 1800           

ENGL 476m, Images of Women in Contemporary Culture

ENGL 478m, Sexual/Textual Diversity

FREN 347, Race, Gender & Power in Francophone Literature

FREN 383, French Women Writers            

FREN 445, Studies in Gender and Feminism

GERM 440, Women’s Literature in Germany

GERO 435m, Women & Aging: Psychology, Social & Policy Implications

HIST 302, From Sappho to Stonewall: Lesbians in History

HIST 305, From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe

HIST 307, Women in Medieval Europe, c 1000-1500

HIST 345, Men & Women in US History from the 1920s to the Present           

HIST 388, Women and Gender in North American History through 1920

HIST 426, Gender, Family & Society in Europe & the US, 1500-Present

IR 316, Gender and Global Issues  

JOUR 375, The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture

JOUR 467, Gender & the News Media

JS 321, Gender and Judaism

POSC 380, Political Theories and Social Reform   

POSC 381, Sex, Power and Politics

POSC 456, Women in International Development

PSYC 372, Human Sexuality

REL 335, Gender, Religion and Sexuality

SOCI 366m, Chicana and Latina Experiences       

SOCI 369, The Family in a Changing Society

SOCI 435m, Women in Society       

SOCI 437m, Sexuality & Society

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