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From the Editors, Fall 2010/Winter 2011


This is the number of service hours USC students spend in the community annually as participants in the College’s internationally recognized Joint Educational Project (JEP).

The numbers in JEP and other community outreach programs and activities housed in the College are impressive.

Each year thousands of our students and engaged faculty leaders make a difference both near and far by generously applying their expertise, scholarship and compassion to the betterment of the world.

Today, more than ever, freshmen arrive on campus as practitioners of helping others in need; many bringing with them a passion for protecting the natural environment. A few of these extraordinary individuals appear in our cover story.

Our students’ goal is to make a difference. Helping others is what really matters. It’s not just about getting into USC or racking up community outreach activities to pad a résumé.

Our faculty and staff are among the best in helping students develop their outreach toolkits both through education and example.    

Our alumni are also great exemplars of giving back and seize the opportunity as both a privilege and a responsibility. You will learn more about a few of these amazing people in this issue.

Giving back takes on many forms: time, expertise, money and other resources. You will find it all here. 

The College has the numbers, but more importantly and lastingly, we have the heartfelt connections made throughout the world.


Susan Andrews and Emily Cavalcanti
Office of College Communication


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