Veronica Franco, The Honest Courtesan

The Veronica Franco Project, sponsored by CLAS Office of the Provost, is an interdisciplinary database that honors her extraordinary life and work. The releases of Margaret F. Rosenthal’s The Honest Courtesan (1992) and the Warner Brother’s film, Dangerous Beauty (1998), adapted from her book, led to an exciting growth in global interest on Franco, and catalyzed our need to develop a website that explores the many facets of Franco. We hope this will help foster intellectual discussions among academic and non-academic audiences.

Our ongoing research addresses both historical and modern questions about Franco and related issues. We explore cross-cultural connections between courtesans and geishas; art historical images of renaissance women in relation to courtesans; costume and fashion history; and Franco's pertinence in the 21st century.

We provide news updates on courtesan and Franco related performances, lectures, conferences, events and popular culture references. The Broadway-bound musical, Dangerous Beauty, is the latest manifestation of this fascination with Franco that we are excited to follow.