Summer in Rome 2014

  • From Dr. Fortney July 7, 2014...

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are a few more pictures from weeks four and five of the Rome Program this summer.  The summer has been moving along so beautifully and at such a rapid pace that it is going to be very hard to leave this all behind already next week.  Our group of students have been congratulated time and time again on how curious, intelligent and enthusiastic they are about the language and the culture.  Many of my Italian colleagues here in Rome have  also remarked on how well prepared they are to make the most out of this experience.  They simply cannot believe the progress that our students have made.

    Moreover, every student has done such a terrific job of being a good team player and the group dynamic could not be better.

  • In the first set of pictures, Franceska, Samantha, and Michelle are enjoying a soccer game in Piazza Venezia with a crowd of Italians and tourists.  Unfortunately, Italy lost early on in the World Cup this summer but this did not keep our students from enjoying the experience.

  • Then you will find Shivaan and Kendall at the Centro Sperimentale which is Italy's version of the USC Cinema School.  I was able to organize a special tour of the school for Shivaan and Kendall who are both cinema students at USC.  They met and networked with aspiring Italian actors and cinematographers, toured the school's sets and facilities and even met friends.  Shivaan also impressed our guide when he successfully recognized a picture on the wall from Vittorio De Sica's Umberto D.  Apparently he is only one of two students from abroad who has ever accomplished this task. 

  • The next two pictures are of our weekend trip to Nettuno, a small town not too far from Rome that is famous for an American cemetery of men and women soldiers who died in WWII.  Nettuno is the hometown of one of our interns, Flavia, from Rome's University La Sapienza. Flavia's mother made our students a cake with homemade gelato!

    We all enjoyed the experience immensely on their roof top terrace overlooking the ocean and one of my own colleagues from USC, Francesca Italiano, joined in on the special event.

  • The following five pictures are from our vacation in Sorrento and Capri.

    There is no way to describe the waters in Capri other than to say they shimmer and sparkle and may be some of the most beautiful colors on earth.  The students found a lot of time to unwind and many of them hope to bring their own families back in the future.

  • Well there is one more week to go and although the students are looking forward to exploring the rest of Europe after the program and going home to friends and family, I am certain that they have loved much of their time here. They have many beautiful memories and even made friendships and relationships that no doubt they will continue to cherish for years to come.

    A presto, James

  • From Dr. Fortney June 20, 2014...

    Dear All,

    Well we just finished up our fourth exciting week in Rome and our midterms are behind us!  This week's highlights include the students' onsite presentations at the Vatican Museums and a cooking class with one of our beloved Italian teachers Rita.

  • In the first three photos you see students discussing with their peers the Hall of Maps and Michelangelo's Last Judgement in the Vatican Museums.

    The student led onsite tours and blog postings have really helped students engage with the sites in ways unimagined.

    Not only are they in charge of creating their own textbook through the blog but the research for their presentations really help them hold each others' interests.

  • Then, in the following pictures you can see students learning simple Italian recipes that they can carry back with them once they return to the United States.
    Shivaan is learning the importance of presentation in food preparation.

    Samantha and Katie are utilizing the technique of rubbing garlic onto the bread when making bruschetta.

  • Rachel is smiling in the sun on a beautiful rooftop apartment in an authentic neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome, one of our beloved Italian teachers, Rita, is serving pasta with pesto that the students just prepared to Santiago and others. Finally we see a closeup of le lasagne alle melanzane that Kendall and Santiago helped Rita prepare.

  • But that is not all, this Sunday we are heading to Nettuno where the Americans landed in WWII to visit an American cemetery and the home of one of our interns whose mother will make homemade gelato!  Then next week we feed the homeless in Piazza Venezia, tour Slowfood's Eataly and finally make our way to our vacation Sorrento, Pompei and Capri.

    I cannot wait to share with you all the students's experiences!

    Talk to you soon, James

  • From Dr. Fortney June 8, 2014

    Hello Everyone!

  • Here is a photo of the students, interns from La Sapienza, my dear friend Laura Barile from the University of Siena and a nice guy who lives in Ostia that we met on the train and who is going to take Mike Ramsey and me to see where Pasolini was killed in a couple of weeks.

    There are two other photos as well: one of all of us on the ponte vecchio and the other of Piazza della repubblica in Florence.  

    I hope you guys are having a terrific summer..take care and un abbraccio, James

  • From Dr. Fortney June 3, 2014...

    Hello Everyone!

  • I have been meaning to email you our pictures from the Vatican this pastweekend. The weather here has been incredible (almost as nice as Los Angeles!).

    We had a lovely morning getting breakfast and then heading over to see the pope!

    All of the students are really fitting into their home stay families and learning a lot of Italian.

    A doppo, a Firenzi. A presto!

  • From Dr. Fortney.....May 23, 2014

    Hello everyone!

    Arrival at Accent Rome 2014

  • Well things are going well with the Rome program and here is hoping it continues!

    Once again everyone arrived but this time in a number of small packs so I ended up getting pictures only the second day...

    I will send more in the next few days.

    Take care and classes start Monday!