The Italian Minor

  • The Minor in Italian offers students exciting possibilities for small classes and personalized instruction. After fulfilling basic units of language instruction, students will choose from a variety of interesting courses (in English and Italian) on the literature, culture, history, art, and cinema of Italy. Students may choose to fulfill some of the requirements with a semester of study abroad in Florence or Milan during the academic year or with our summer program in Rome.

    Students majoring in areas such as music, international relations, communication, comparative literature, art history, or others will find the flexibility of the Italian minor ideally suited to their various interests from Dante to contemporary cinema and society; from women writers of the Renaissance to Futurist performance art.

  • Italian Language Placement Examination

    Italian Language Placement Examination

    Students who have studied Italian in high school or at another institution prior to attending USC are required to take a placement test, administered by the Language Center (Third Floor, Taper Hall), Click here for the Schedule of Placement Exams. Credit is given only for course work taken above the level of proficiency determined by the examination. Students with no record of previous instruction in Italian are not required to take the placement examination and should enroll in first semester Italian (ITAL 120).


    Required Core Courses:

    ITAL-120 Italian I
    ITAL-150, Italian II (4 Units)
    ITAL-220, Italian III (4 Units)
    ITAL-224, Italian Composition and Conversation (4 Units)

    Some or all of these classes may be waived by examination.


  • UPPER DIVISION COURSES (4 Courses Total)

    Required Core Course: ITAL-320, Writing About Italian Literature or equivalent (4 Units)

  • Students must also choose THREE Italian Courses from the following:

    ITAL-330, Advanced Italian Composition and Style (4 Units)
    ITAL-340, Italian Literature from Unification to Fascism (in English) (4 Units)
    ITAL-345, Contemporary Italy (in English) (4 Units)
    ITAL-350, Italian Renaissance Literature in Translation (in English) (4 Units)
    ITAL-380, Italian Women Writers (4 Units)
    ITAL-435, Ruins, Magic and Melancholy: Italian Literature 1600 to 1860 (4 Units)
    ITAL-440, Futurism and Fascism in Italy (4 Units)
    ITAL-446, Italian Cinema and Society (in English)(4 Units)
    ITAL-450, Dante (4 Units)
    ITAL-461, Theater, Spectacle, Drama and Performance in Italy (4 Units)
    ITAL-462, The Novella Tradition: Fables and Stories (4 Units)
    ITAL-470, Modern and Postmodern Italian Literature (4 Units)
    ITAL-480, Perceptions of the exotic in Italian Culture (4 Units)
    ITAL-490x, Directed Research (4 Units, Max 8 Units)
    ITAL-499, Special Topics (4 Units, Max 8 Units)

    N.B. No more than one course conducted in English may be counted toward the minor.

  • These requirements are excerpted from the USC Catalogue. The USC Catalogue is the document of authority for all students. The program requirements listed in the USC Catalogue supersede any information which may be contained in any bulletin of any school or department. The university reserves the right to change its policies, rules, regulations, requirements for graduation, course offerings and any other contents of this catalogue at any time.

    Please contact Ms. Geinel Johnson, the department advisor, at or 213-740-3800 for more information and specific degree requirements.

    To view the current Schedule of Classes for Italian, click here