Graduate Studies in French at USC

  • The Ph.D. program in French is now housed within the graduate program in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (CSLC), which brings together the Ph.D. programs in Comparative Literature, French, and Spanish. Upon completion of the degree, students will earn the Ph.D. in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture to be further specified as appropriate in parentheses (Comparative Literature), (French and Francophone Studies), or (Spanish and Latin American Studies).  For more information on CSLC, please visit:

  • The new doctoral program in French and Francophone Studies at USC enables students to benefit from opportunities for interdisciplinary research in literary and cultural theory even as it preserves a strong emphasis on rigorous training in the discipline of French.   The doctoral degree, offered through the Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (CSLC) program, is designed to highlight the field of French and Francophone Studies as both transnational in its emphases and methodologically generative in its influences on other disciplines.

  • Doctoral candidates in French at USC will work closely with students from affiliated CSLC tracks—including Comparative Media and Culture, Comparative Literature, and an array of national literary traditions—in a series of interdisciplinary seminars that aim to introduce a diverse graduate cohort to major developments in literary criticism, culture as an instrument of social formation, and relations among different media (including literature, film, video, and “new media”). The new program thus brings together the best of two approaches to literary scholarship, combining the trans-disciplinary energy of comparative studies with in-depth research in French and Francophone Studies as a unique field.

  • The new program is designed to take advantage of the remarkable range of our graduate faculty in French, with particular strengths in literary theory and contemporary French thought (Peggy Kamuf); Francophone and postcolonial studies with a focus on North Africa and the Middle East (Olivia Harrison); literature and popular music in the Francophone Caribbean and beyond (Edwin Hill); Southeast Asian film and culture (Panivong Norindr); Renaissance literary culture and politics (Antónia Szabari); and the French Enlightenment (Natania Meeker).  Students in French will also have the chance to work intensively with other graduate faculty in the CSLC program. After completion of coursework, French doctoral candidates are eligible to participate in an exchange program with the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, and to apply for a selection of funding opportunities, both internal and external.  Upon admission to French through CSLC, each student will receive five years of full financial support, tuition remission for up to 12 units per semester, medical and dental insurance, all fees paid, and a yearly stipend beginning at $23,000 (paid monthly).

  • If you are interested in graduate study in French at USC, please contact the program Director of Graduate Studies, Edwin Hill ( for more information, and feel free to explore both our website and that of the CSLC program.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • For more information on the degree requirements and curriculum of CSLC-French, see here.

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