First Year Studies

  • What will my first year look like?

    In the first year of graduate study in French at USC, students typically take three courses each semester and begin working on their field exercise paper. Each new student should consult individually with the Director of Graduate Studies as part of the course selection process. The DGS can also help students with the choice of a faculty advisor (and second committee member) for the field exercise, normally taken at the beginning of the second year (or end of the first). Students should enroll in two CSLC core courses—typically CSLC 502 and 503—for the fall semester. The third seminar will be either “Early Modernities” (French 501) or “Modernities” (French 503), offered in French.  These seminars serve to introduce students to graduate work in French through the study of either early modern or modern literary and cultural contexts, and begin to prepare them for the oral field exam (typically completed in the third year of studies).  In the spring, students will have the chance to take another French seminar (thereby completing the “Early Modernities”-“Modernities” core sequence), another CSLC core course, and a third, elective course (either in French or in another department).

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