Using Multimedia and Authentic Materials in the French Classroom

May 4, 2013                                                     Noemie Leroux

This workshop is focused on a new pedagogical way to teach French : authentic materials such as real francophone newspaper, videos, pictures...

Noemie Leroux holds a double Bachelor Degree in American and British Literature and Civilization and in Applied Linguistics (FLE) from the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3. She taught French in a K-12 school in Glasgow and French civilization to international students at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3. 

Contemporary French and Francophones Literatures

March 23, 2013                                        Anne-Sophie Morel

This workshop is focused on how motivate students to read French through differents multimedia resources that can be used in French literature classes.

Anne-Sophie Morel is a tenured teacher at the Center for Applied Linguistic in Besancon, France. She holds a Ph.D in French Language and Literature from the University of Lyon and Masters degrees in both Language Sciences and Modern French.

Advancing Oral Skills

December 8, 2012                            Anneli McLachlan

This workshop will focus on how to improve students’ speaking in the Interpersonal and Presentational modes of communication for the AP French Language and Culture Course. The session will be run in French and English.

Anneli McLachlan is an experienced educator, an inspiring course presenter and a prolific foreign language author for Pearson. She consults at national level in the U.K. for the Department of Education, the National Center for Languages, the BBC, Channel 4, the British Council and local education authorities.

Teaching French with Global Simulation

April 28, 2012                                   Pascal K Douglas

The Francophone Research & Resource Center is pleased to invite you to a new workshop that will introduce teachers of French to “Global Simulation” and its conceptual framework . You will also be able to take part into a global simulation exercise that will provide you with tools, materials, resources, advice on how to initiate a global simulation in your classroom.


Les simulations globales peuvent être adaptées à tout type de niveau, tout dépend du thème choisi et de l’objectif linguistique à atteindre. Elles peuvent être aussi diverses que les publics pour lesquels elles sont mises en place.


-      Réactualiser ses connaissances théoriques sur la simulation globale

-      Identifier les intérêts généraux, les objectifs et les étapes d’une bonne simulation globale

-      Créer une interactivité dans la classe de FLE et se placer dans une approche actionnelle

-      Mettre en pratique ses nouvelles connaissances et prendre part à une simulation globale

-      S’auto-evaluer

-      Indiquer des ressources (bibliographie, sites internet, magazines, journaux, etc.)

Lors de cette formation, les enseignant(e)s auront la possibilité de découvrir ou redécouvrir le contexte théorique de la simulation globale et de son utilisation en classe de langue. Les intérêts pédagogiques, communicationnels et psychologiques de la simulation globale, les différentes étapes à observer lors de sa mise en place seront abordés ainsi que ses limites.

Les enseignants auront également l’occasion de se trouver en situation de simulation globale afin de mesurer les enjeux, les possibilités pédagogiques et les bénéfices de la simulation globale.


Teaching French culture in class

March 30, 2012                                Bernard Gruas

The Francophone Research & Resource Center is pleased to invite you to a new workshop that will provide tools for teaching French culture in the classroom. You will get an opportunity to learn up-to-date information on France (demography, economy, politic,  society, art and culture), along with educational resources to create activities in class.

Bernard Gruas has been a tea-chers’ trainer since 1991 and worked with several training centers including Alliance fran-caise and the French Embassy in different countries (Germany, Austria, Afghanistan..). His main  interests are French culture, teaching with theatre and the media.

Documents: Supports authentiques

Making an audiovisual production in French class !

March 3, 2012                               Gerard Colavecchio

The Francophone Research & Resource Center is pleased to invite you to a new workshop that will provide tools for introducing authentic audiovisual material in the classroom, with an emphasis on decoding news content, creating and publishing your own audiovisual production. This workshop will also supply practical knowledge for  teachers who aspire to enter the 2012 Green Connection contest (French Embassy) with their students!


As a teacher’s trainer, Gerad Colavecchio offers various workshops oriented towards online-radio practice and makes presentations about new information media networks on the Internet. He is also recognized as an expert in the production of media content designed for schools.


He held a former position at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, where he was in charge of leading technology practice training sessions aimed at teachers, socio-cultural facilitators and audience at large.


AP French Language and Culture: Strategizing for Success

December 3, 2011                         Brian Kennelly

This workshop will introduce Advanced Placement teachers to the new course and examination in French Language and Culture.

Participants will develop familiarity with the curriculum framework, review a practice examination (item types, scoring guidelines, preparation strategies), understand the principles of instructional design and assessment, and prepare their syllabi for the course audit.


Brian Kennelly’s recent AP-related activities include:  co-chairing the AP French Language and Culture Development Committee; representing AP French Language and Culture on a cross-disciplinary writing team for the AP Vertical Teams Guide for World Languages and Cultures; editing the Annotated Resource Guide for AP French Language and Culture; and serving as a Table Leader at the annual AP readings.  More information can be found at his website:  <>.

Teaching French with the media.

April 2, 2011                                     Bernard Patel

Come and join us learn how to create with your students a Francophone multimedia press review, using resources accessible on the web,  from print media, images, sounds...  Learn how  to innovate in the classroom,  using real life documents, in real time, providing the students an unforgettable journalistic experience...  

Documents: CLEMI

Ecrire pour faire écrire Technique d'écriture créative en classe de Français et FLE

March 5, 2011                 Gérard Greverand

  • Acquire pedagogical tools that are going to help/encourage the transmission of writing taste to your students/pupils.
  • Help the learners/students to write richer, more original, even more personal texts and often more gratifying in a language more or less mastered
  • Guide those different audiences toward creative writing without knowing how to handle it or how to begin.
  • Discover multiple ways of writing in the purpose of integrate them to their written expression practice.
  • Master a panel of writing impulses that are going to revitalize and mobilize your students.
  • Discover or rediscover the pleasure to write.

Documents de la formation: paroles de chansons

                                         supports textes

Real French for the classroom: using authentic material to improve listening skills

November 13th, 2010             Lidwien van Dixhoorn

Come and learn how to use different radio formats for various pedagogical purposes!
You’ll get an overview of different RFI formats and program and will be provided with handouts to define your lesson plan with program extracts that fits your class and your student’s levels.
If you already use the media in your classroom, you will get new ideas and new perspectives on radio listening activities.
If you find it difficult to use authentic spoken French from the media, you will get insights and ideas on how to make listening to the French radio a playful and enjoyable experience!

The Art of Teaching French, Bring French to life in the French classroom through movement and theater

February 20, 2010                   Planeix and Tom Crocker

Jackie Planeix and Tom Crocker focus on helping teachers and students use the arts to make meaningful connections between different areas of learning. Their methods are rooted in the powerful effect that movement and emotional connections have on language acquisition and more generally, on cognition. In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore movement exercises and theater games that bring language to life while anchoring memorization, contextualization, and meaning. Planeix and Crocker design arts education programs and conduct professional development for teachers K-12 in the United States as well as in France. Graduates of the Mudra Performing Arts Institute, they are certified by the French Ministère de la Culture.

Teaching Francophonie in the French classroom

November 7, 2009                   Nathalie Burle

While defining Francophonie and addressing its pedagogical implications in the learning of French,
this workshop will provide teaching strategies as well as classroom resources such as francophone
literature, film, music, etc…

Nathalie Burle is a Lecturer at the Department of French and Italian at the University of Southern California. She received
her Doctorate in Educational Psychology, Learning, and Instruction from the Rossier School of Education at USC. Her
research interests are in cognitive language development, second language acquisition and pedagogy, curriculum and faculty
development, and in photolanguage.

Teaching/Learning with TV5

May 2, 2009                   Dr. Madeleine Cosson - Flanagan


  • Discover the various tools, services and educational resources available on (broadcasts and other online document) addressing to teachers and students.
  • Reflective session: how can these resources be introducedto your class?
  • Analyze and observe various TV5 broadcasts which can be used for educational purposes
  • Review existing online pedagogical sequences and activities.
  • Learn how to choose a source (broadcast, video clips,…) and an educational handout according to your own learning/teaching objectives.
  • Create your own sequences and activities to make use of TV5 material according to your public and objectives

Teaching with Radio - Mathilde Landier

March 28, 2009                          Mathilde Landier

  • Use radio on a regular basis in your class
    • Know the authentic and educational radio resources available online.
    • Master the technical aspects related to the use of radio in class (recording, downloading, podcasting…)
  • Create your own teaching material based on radio sources
    • Identify the authentic audio video resources that enable you to work on the skills listed in your curriculum.
    • Choose a radio source according to your public and your objectives.
    • Use an authentic radio source for educational purposes: creation of pedagogical sequences and activities.

Teaching/Learning Strategies to Understand Related Languages: French and Spanish in the Framework of Intercomprehension between Romance Languages

Feb 21, 2009              Pierre Janin & Pierre Escudé
                                   Markus Muller & Tri C. Tran


  • An introduction to Intercomprehension between Related Languages presentation, didactic and political background, perspective for an American dissemination
  • Demonstration of teaching and learning strategies
  • Discussion
  • Definition of specific needs and attempt to find tools to meet them

Teaching French with the Communicative Approach

Nov 22, 2008                            Laurence Clerfeuille                

What is the communicative approach and how may you use it to spice up your own teaching method? What are the benefits of teaching French with the communicative approach?

This workshop will start by defining the main theorical principles of the communicative approach before moving forward to concrete strategies and tools that will enable you to efficiently bring it to your classroom.     

Teaching French with film, an integrated approach

April 19, 2008                             Nathalie Burle


  • Interactive Teaching strategies with film
  • Micro lesson plan and will give us
  • Thematic French film resources.

Teaching French with music

April 14, 2007               Charles Chemery & Rémi Dapère


Learn how to integrate French music into your French language classes as a way to spice them up!

Taught by professional musicians and native speakers, and complete with French music examples, the one day training session will focus on the study of popular French song lyrics to see how they are relevant to modern day teaching of conversational French.

The class will also feature videos and provide an overview of useful websites.

Teaching French with photography

Mar 11, 2006                         Olivier Culmann


Teaching French with comic strip

Nov 12, 2005     

Understanding and using French media in the classroom

May 2, 2005        

Business French: New approaches on teaching and thinking the discipline

Mar 23, 2005        Steve Loughrin-Sacco, Nicole Dufresne,

                             Dan Bayer & Catherine Moore

Discussion on teaching the language and culture of business in the context of a foreign language

Discover the World of Perfume

Nov 16, 17, 18-2004                              Valérie Lajeanne


LaJeanne reviewed the cultural and technological development of the perfume trade from ancient Egypt to the present, covering the different uses and rituals involved with the product and the raw materials and complex production involved in fabricating it.

She also discussed the olfactory sense and the role our perception of smell plays in society.

Finally, attendees were able to fashion their own eau de toilette, in the process learning how top, middle, and base notes combine to form distinct fragrances.

Teaching French with TV5

Oct 2, 2004             

  • FRC
  • USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • Leavey Library, 302
  • 651 West 35th Street
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-2571