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You Wouldn't Know They Majored in French

Have you ever heard someone say that majoring in French in college limits your options? What can you do with a degree in French? Actually the question should be "What can't you do with a degree in French?"

Here is a list of successfuk people who majored in French.

Why Learn French?

There are all kinds of reasons to learn a foreign language in general, and French in particular.

Spanish is Easier than French... Not!

There is a common myth among English speakers that Spanish is easier than French. In reality, there are "more difficult than" elements in both. Here is a detailed comparison of the two languages - you decide if one is easier than the other.

Jobs Using French

Think those French classes you have to take are pointless? Take a look at this article - you might be surprised to find out just how many jobs open up to people with good language skills.

French-Speaking Celebrities

If your students don't see any point in learning French, maybe Jodie Foster and Johnny Depp can help: we're compiling a list of famous non-native French speakers around the world - your students might be surprised at how cool French really is!

Videos of celebrities speaking French:

  • -Medley de stars: Vidéo 1
  • -Evangeline Lilly (actress TV show Lost) Vidéo 1  Vidéo 2  (accent québécois)
  • -Emma WatsonVidéo 1 
  • -Jodie FosterVidéo 1  (à partir de 2:00min)
  • -Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy)Vidéo 1
  • -Johnny Depp Vidéo 1
  • -Hugh Laurie Vidéo 1  (so funny)
  • -Tony Blair Vidéo 1
  • -Bradley Cooper (actor: Very bad trip/ the hangover)Vidéo 1Vidéo 2
  • -Céline Dion She’s from Québec so you can find a lot of interviews where she speaks French and also a lot of songs in French like  "Pour que tu m’aimes encore" her most famous one.
  • -Tony Parker (athlete/ex-mari de Eva Longoria) Vidéo 1 He even made a rap song in French..ouch Vidéo 2 What? French people copy American music?! No…hummmmm, Vidéo 3(interview avec argot)
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