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For USC Dornsife Faculty

"Our faculty are not simply teachers of the works of others,
but active contributors to what is taught, thought,
and practiced throughout the world."
USC Role and Mission Statement

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) is responsible for the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of gifts and grants from private corporations and foundations.  Working with USC Dornsife leadership and faculty, CFR handles all clearances with the University and reviews all proposals to corporations and foundations.  All contacts with corporations and foundations, as well as the submission of proposals, must be coordinated by CFR.

The Offices of Corporate and Foundation Relations and USC Dornsife Research work in partnership to support and foster the research programs of USC Dornsife faculty.  Working with individual faculty members, department chairs, and directors of research units, institutes and centersm the offices identify funding opportunities, assist faculty in proposal preparation and oversee regulatory issues and compliance. For more information, please contact the USC Dornsife Research Office

The Office of CFR can help you to:

  • identify, research and make initial contacts with corporations and foundations
  • facilitate the University Clearance Process
  • prepare proposals, including writing, editing and packaging
  • steward corporate and foundation gifts or grants, including tracking and preparing progress reports, sending thank you letters, coordinating site visits and cultivating donors for future gifts
  • coordinate letters from the Dean and President, when appropriate
  • assist in the nomination process for award applications
  • coordinate and participate in site visits by corporations and foundations
  • determine who should make the first contact with the corporation or foundation
  • assess what relationships and giving history, if any, already exists
  • secure necessary paperwork and/or signatures to accompany your proposal

Criteria for Gift Solicitation

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations focuses its efforts on solicitations of $100,000 or more, except in the following circumstances:

  • Proposals to foundations or corporations that are recognized as prestigious or will, in the long term, through development, create additional gifts
  • Board-directed gifts from top-tier foundations or those designated by the President of the University
  • When requested by the USC Dornsife Deans or the USC Dornsife Senior Associate Dean for Development


Additional Resources

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To learn more, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

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