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Student Stories

These students prove that there's no such thing as a "typical" semester abroad!

Alana Victor

Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Spring 2015

Maggie Altergott

USC Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
Spring 2013

Myles Lock

Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)
Spring 2012


Chelsea Toczauer

CIEE Beijing (Beijing, China)
Year 2012-13

Rachel Piperno

CIEE Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)
Fall 2012

Amy Herrmann and Ariana Verdu

CIEE Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)
Spring 2011 

Sara Chandler

USC Paris & SciencesPo (Paris, France)
Year 2010-11

Kotaro Uyeda

University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
Spring 2011

Greg Muragishi

Tokyo International University (Tokyo, Japan)
Spring 2010 

Salvatore Failla

London School of Economics (London, United Kingdom)
Year 2007-08

Kellee Matsushita

College Year in Athens (Athens, Greece)
Fall 2007

Andrew Goldman

University College London (London, United Kingdom)
Fall 2008

Billy Noiman

CIEE Beijing (Beijing, China)
Year 2007-08

Aileen Ng

ICCS Rome (Rome, Italy)
Fall 2008


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