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USC Law Fair FAQs

Why should I attend the USC Law Fair?

You should attend the USC Law Fair if you are in the process of applying or interested in applying to law school.  This is your chance to pick up information, meet law school admissions representatives and ask more specific questions.  Usually the representative is a member of the school's admission committee and has first hand knowledge of what their school is looking for in a candidate.

For those who are not yet applying to law school, the Law Fair is a great opportunity to talk to representatives and figure out which schools you might be interested in applying to in the future.  You may find out that a certain school you never would have considered is actually a good fit for you.  Use this opportunity as a way of doing some preliminary research.

Over 75 ABA-approved law schools are registered, you can enter to win prizes from LSAT test prep companies and tons of other giveaways!


What types of questions should I ask the recruiters at the USC Law Fair?

You should ask educated questions.  Questions about average GPA and LSAT scores are easily answered on websites.  Do your research on the schools for which you have an interest and ask the recruiters questions about details that are not found online.  Questions about special programs, alumni base, externships and clinics are just a few examples. Whatever your questions, make sure that they are not easily answerable by the website, as you are representing USC and our pre-law students.


What should I wear to the USC Law Fair?

Although a suit is not required, keep in mind you are making a possible first impression.  Business casual is always the safe way to go.  


Should I bring my resume?

You may bring a resume, if you’d like, but we do not recommend it. It is rare that a law school representative will ask for it or even have time to look at it.


How do I register?

We encourage USC students and alumni to register their expected attendance with the Pre-Law Advising Office to better serve their needs. To do so, please e-mail with your major, expected (or actual) year of graduation, and a list of schools in which you are interested.

If you have any questions, please contact a Pre-Law Advisor at (213) 740-2534 or email