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FACULTY: Laurie Brand

Project 1

Looking for: a student to help survey the Egyptian and Tunisian press (and facebook sites) for information regarding the preparation and unfolding of the participation of Egyptians and Tunisians living abroad in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in their countries following the ouster this past winter of Husni Mubarak and Zayn al-Abdine Ben Ali.

Skills required: Reading fluency in French and/or Arabic. This could mean one student to survey the relevant French press and another to search Arabic materials.

Prerequisite coursework: If the student is not from the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, the he or she should have taken at least one course in modern MENA politics (POSC or IR) or history.

Preferred students: Students with a backround in Middle East Studies, French, or one of the social sciences

Project 2

Looking for: a student to track down speeches by Husni Mubarak as well as political platforms of the National Democratic Party. Second, I am interested in having help follwing the reactions/involvement of Egyptians living abroad toward the upcoming elections in Egypt.

Skills required: A knowledge of contemporary Egypt and familiarity with the Egyptian community here in the United States. Knowledge of Arabic is also a plus, although the documents I am seeking can probably be tracked down through FBIS in English translation.

Preferred students: A major in the social sciences -- IR, POSC, and History


If you are interested in contacting Professor Brand, please email her at