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FACULTY Ben Graham

Name: Ben Graham

Project Title: Investing in Human Rights: The Internal Accountability Mechanisms of International Financial Institutions

Project Description: This project examines the role of the internal accountability mechanisms at the World Bank and other international financial institutions in holding multinational corporations accountable for human rights abuses and environmental damage in the developing world.  The role of the research assistant in this project will be to help catalog the types of complaints that are filed, the types of firms against which they are filed, and how the cases are resolved. The project aims to assess the degree to which these accountability mechanisms are effective in levying sanctions against offending firms and offering meaningful restitution to harmed communities.  We will also examine the degree to which these accountability mechanisms affect firms decisions about where and how to invest.

Professor Graham is looking to employ students in both Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

Required Skills: Web-based research, clear and concise writing

If you are interested in this research project contact Professor Graham at