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Dean's Special Lecture with Daphna Oyserman

Identity Based Motivation: Why We Start Too Late And Do Too Little And What We Can Do About It

Join us for a Dean's Special Lecture with Dean’s Professor of Psychology, and professor of psychology, education and communication Daphna Oyserman.
Even very young children can tell you who they want to be when they grow up and this future self is often quite positive and education-linked. Learn more about Daphna Oyserman’s research, which focuses on aspirationattainment gaps — the shortfall between the self that one aspires to become and the outcomes one actually attains — and how situations can increase or decrease them. She will share how situational constraints and affordances can trigger or impede taking action drawing on her identity-based motivation theory (IBM) that predicts people prefer to act in identity-congruent ways but that the identity-to-behavior link is opaque for a number of reasons.