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Mike Farrell in Dr. Keeling’s Curve / By George Shea / Directed by Kirsten Sanderson / Produced by The Blank Theatre

Visions and Voices

Mike Farrell—a socially engaged artist and activist best known for his roles on M*A*S*H and Providence—stars as Dr. Charles David Keeling in an all-too-real and often funny one-man bio-play that makes global warming understandable, and reveals it to be anything but a myth.

Walk into the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., and you’ll find Darwin’s finches next to the double helix, and beside that, the Keeling Curve: a graph depicting the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. It clearly proclaims the most basic fact of climate change: carbon dioxide levels are rising at an extraordinary and accelerating pace. Written by George Shea, this production directed by Kirsten Sanderson and produced by the Blank Theatre stars Mike Farrell as Dr. Charles David Keeling. This all-too-real and often funny one-man bio-play makes global warming understandable, and reveals it to be anything but a myth.


The performance will be followed by a conversation with Mike Farrell and Kirsten Sanderson, facilitated by Donal T. Manahan, professor of biological sciences at USC.  


About Mike Farrell
Best known for his eight years on M*A*S*H as Army Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt and five years on Providence as Dr. Jim Hansen, Mike Farrell is also a writer, director and producer. He is a co-chair emeritus of Human Rights Watch in Southern California, spokesperson for Concern America and co-founder of Artists United to Win Without War. As president of Death Penalty Focus, he speaks, writes and otherwise works to abolish capital punishment.

Organized by the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Co-sponsored by the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.