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Dharma Effects: Buddhism in Japanese America

CJRC Japanese America Religion and Society Project

A workshop discussing papers-in-progress investigating various aspects of Japanse American Buddhism. Pre-registration required.


“A Multiracial Buddhist Lawsuit in Postwar Los Angeles”
Michihiro Ama, University of Alaska

“The World War Two Incarceration of Japanese American Buddhists: 1942-‘43”
Duncan Williams, USC

“Transmission and Institutionalization of Jodo Shinshu in America:  Ministerial Training and the Founding of the Institute for Buddhist Studies”
Michael Masatsugu
, Towson University

“Altared States: A Cultural History of the Japanese American Home Shrine"
Jane Iwamura, University of the West

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Please contact Kana at for advance copies of workshop papers.