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The Creativity Workshop

Crafting Your Personal Purpose and Unleashing Your Vision

Discover your true creative potential and learn how to proactively apply it to your passions and career goals!
-Am I creative? (Hint: answer is yes!)
-I'm creative, but what can I do with my creativity?
-What do creative people do?

To find out the answers to these questions join this interactive workshop on April 26th at USC brought to you by PlushMoney and MoneyThink. We'll have a fun day filled with activities, speakers, and lots of inspiration to move forward.

Registration begins April 8th at

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to help students to discover their true creative potential and how to proactively apply that to their life in terms of pursuing their career goals and passions.

If you see info on this workshop elsewhere (ie. twitter, flyers etc), take a pic and post it here! We love pictures of our hard work, it makes us feel good :) 

Tweet us with #usccreativityworkshop or #create4tomorrow (yeah we have our own hashtag, that makes us cool)

Email if you have any questions!