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Last Information Session: 2013 USC Beijing Summer Program

The 2013 USC Beijing Summer Program will be offering EALC 106, 204, 206 304 and 306 in Beijing from May 27 through July 24. 2013 will be the Program's sixth year!

Some highlights of our program:

  -Be able to transition seamlessly to the next course level upon returning to campus

  -Small class size

  -One-on-one speaking sessions with trained TAs everyday

  -Many interviews with locals

  -Class structure, textbooks and grading identical to USC classes

  -One or two excursions in Beijing each week + two long excursions to other cities

  -Many other co-curricular activities (e.g., Tai-Chi, Chinese painting, Chinese singing  contest at KTV, etc.)

  -All excursion fees and cost for other co-curricular activities are included in the tuition

  -Internship opportunities provided after the program

If you have any questions, please contact nansong Huang at