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"Toward the Sustainably Critical Study of World Politics: Ethics, Methods and Problems"

CIS Seminar Series

Daniel J. Levine is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama.
Daniel J. Levine is currently assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Alabama and a research fellow in Peace and Conflict Studies at Colgate University.  
His research interests lie at the junction of International Relations (IR), political theory and Middle Eastern politics. Three interlocking problem-sets concern him. The first centers on reification: the ways in which normative commitments become woven into IR’s various traditions and research programs, and are thus lost from view. The second deals with sustainable critique: balancing reflexivity toward these commitments against the need to speak practically to ongoing problems in world politics. The third focuses on developing sustainably critical research programs. In that vein, Levine is most directly concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though his research has broader potential application. The discussant for this seminar is Tyler Curley, Political Science and International Relations phd candidate, USC.