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The November Ballot: A guide to the California Propositions

A number of controversial and complex issues will mark the California ballot this November. What are the initiatives, how will you vote on them, and what will this mean for California? The Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics will host a panel discussion to help voters answer these important questions and ask their own.

This year, a controversial initiative to deter and punish human trafficking will appear on the California ballot. Prop 35, or the Case Act, is seen by some as a progressive measure to reduce human trafficking, and by others as an insufficient "solution" to a real social problem. At this week's Road to the White House event, a panel discussion will explore these perspectives, among others, with regards to the proposition.

Featured panelists will include: Chris Kelly, Founder, Safer California Foundation & Former Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook; D'Lita Miller, Trafficking Survivor & Family Support and Outreach Coordinator, Saving Innocence; John Vanek, Retired Lieutenant, San Jose Police Department Human Trafficking Task Force; with a welcome address delivered by Geoffrey Cowan, Director, Center on Communication Leadership & Policy.  

The panel will be moderated by Mark Latonero, Research Director, Center on Communication Leadership & Policy.