Information Session for New Census Research Data Center at USC

Attend this info session and become a user of USC’s new Census Research Data Center. This center is one of only 16 locations throughout the U.S. where researchers can access non-public Census Bureau data.

USC has just opened a new Census Research Data Center right on campus at the RAN research building. Census Research Data Centers (RDCs) are U.S. Census Bureau facilities, staffed by a Census Bureau employee, which meet all physical and computer security requirements for access to restricted–use data that can be very valuable for research into questions that require detailed micro-level data. At RDCs, qualified researchers with approved projects receive restricted access to selected non–public Census Bureau data files. If interested, please plan to attend the information session on February 20th where more information will be presented and made available. The new USC Census administrator, as well as faculty who have used the data, will be holding this information session.

Census Data Research Opportunities

A wide range of data collected by the US Census Bureau are potentially available for research projects at the USC RDC. For a list of datasets currently available for use at the RDCs, please see the list provided by the Center for Economic Studies at

Some examples include: Economic Census data on firms and employees that have been linked over time, employment history files, micro-level demographic data, and restricted health data from the Agency on Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).  

In order to use the data you must apply and submit a detailed research proposal and gain “Special Sworn Status” at the Census Bureau. All research must be conducted at the RDC itself. Only statistical output (regression output, cross-tabulations) that maintains confidentiality requirements is eligible to be released.

How to apply:  See