Approaches to Wartime Japan: Militarism, Fascism, & Religion

CJRC Religion, Modernity, and Science in Japan Project

At this workshop, a group of scholars will discuss recent developments in the study of wartime Japan, bringing together perspectives from cultural history, the study of ideology, intellectual history and religion.
"War, Utopianism, and Buddhism in the East-Asia League"Clinton Godart, USC
"Bound for Rapprochement: Germany in Nonfictional Books in Interwar Japan"Ricky Law, Carnegie Mellon University
"Shinran and Faith in Wartime Japanist Thought"John Person, Hamilton College
"Why the Kamikaze Pilot Listened to Jazz Before Killing Americans:  Aviation and Mass Culture in the Twilight of Wartime Japan"Benjamin Uchiyama, University of Kansas
"Ideological Conversion and Revolutionary Restorationism in 1930s Japan"Max Ward, Middlebury College