What can I do with an Environmental Studies degree?

An environmental studies degree can prepare students for a variety of career options with government, corporations, non-profits, and environmental consulting firms.  It also can be excellent preparation for law school or graduate studies in environmental policy, environmental science or business. 

Career opportunities for experts in environmental science and policy are expected to expand rapidly as society is challenged to find more sustainable approaches to problems in the energy, water, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.  Environmental scientists will be in greater demand to monitor environmental quality, to interpret the impact of human actions on ecosystems, and to develop strategies for restoring ecosystems and for planning land uses.


These are some employers looking for an environmental studies background in prospective employees: 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Paid Job Opportunities

For more information for undergraduates, recent graduates and graduate students, click here.

Job Prospects

The Department of Labor projects that employment of environmental scientists and specialists is expected to increase by 28 percent between 2008 and 2018.


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A World of Learning

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