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Our success at USC Dornsife derives in great part from our faculty’s ability to bring their diverse perspectives and expertise to bear on vital issues while also preparing our students to be fearless creators of knowledge.

The USC Dornsife Initiative will enable us to expand discovery-based learning through further investment in graduate and postdoctoral fellowships. It also will enable us to strengthen undergraduate programs such as Student Opportunities for Academic Research and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fund, opportunities for overseas study, and service-learning programs such as the Joint Educational Project.

Scott Fraser

After founding the Biological Imaging Center at Caltech, Scott Fraser was drawn to USC Dornsife's forward-thinking embracing of the interaction between computational and molecular biology.

Susan Forsburg

Combining genetic tools, drug treatment and state-of-the-art imaging, Professor of Biological Sciences Susan Forsburg and her team have found that some cancer cells continue to replicate even after treatment.

Lisa Cui and Emily Gee

Political science majors Lisa Cui and Emily Gee conducted independent research in China and the United States exploring how culture influences one’s reactions to environmental advertisements.

Young Scientists Program

Global Explorations for USC Undergraduates