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English 406: The Poet in Paris 2013


Dates:  May -June, 2013 (approximate)

Airfare: $1300-$1400 (as of September, 2012)

Accommodations, Meals, and Miscellaeous: $1500-2000

The Poet in Paris offers an intermediate-level course in poetry-writing to undergraduate creative-writing majors (and non-majors with the approval of the instructor) in Paris, France, over the month-long Maymester term.

Students participate in intensive workshops with the instructor and guest instructors, as well as literary and other events meant to stimulate the creative process, deepen the students’ sense of history and language, and expand the range and ambition of their poetry. There are excursions to museums, cafes and bookshops in and around Paris, meetings with French and expatriate poets living and working in Paris, and opportunities for the students to perform their original work for international audiences. Students in the course typically generate a dozen to twenty new poems over the course of the four-week program.

The course is fully commensurate with ENGL 406 currently taught at USC, is strictly limited to 12 students, and is intended for mature undergraduates who have some sophistication about how to comport themselves in other cultures and who are able to make arrangements at their own expense for transportation, lodging, and meals.

Application: To apply for this program, complete the application and submit with your current STARS report to the English Department by Friday, November 2, 2012.

For more information, please contact Professor Green at  You may also view the previous students' blog here.

Link to the English Department website here.