Career placement

  • 2014

    Joshua Bernstein, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
    University of Minnesota-Duluth
    Dissertation: "Where Beasts' Spirits Wail": The Great War and Animal Rights

    J. C. Sibara, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
    Colby College
    Dissertation: Imperial Injuries: Race, Disease, and Disability in North American Narratives of Resistance, 1890-2006

  • 2013

    Michael Busk, (full-time)
    Everest University
    Dissertation: "A New and Sharper Vision": Sensuous Aesthetics as Theological Immersion in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, Thomas Kinkade's Landscapes, and Ron Hansen's Mariette in Ecstasy
    Creative project: The Connoisseur of Pain (novel)

    Matthew Carillo-Vincent, English teacher
    Alverno Heights Academy
    Dissertation: The Work of Being a Wallflower: Male Sentimentality and the Politics of the Periphery

    Josie Sigler Sibara, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    Specializing in Creative Writing/Fiction
    University of Rhode Island
    Dissertation: “Dangerous Climate: Race, Gender, and State Violence in Post Carbon Fiction”

    Marie Smart, Lecturer in American Literature
    Baylor University
    Dissertation: “The World Wars and the 'Other' Avant-Garde Tradition”

  • 2012

    Alice Bardan
    , Research associate
    Loughborough University, Loughborough, England
    Dissertation: Contemporary European Cinema in a Transnational Perspective: Aftereffects of 1989

    Jessica Bremmer, English teacher
    Westridge School, Pasadena, CA
    Dissertation:“Self-representation, cultural formation, and Mexican-American modernism”

    Mary-Ann Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor (non-tenure track)
    Scripps College, Pomona;
    Lecturer at Mt. St. Mary's College
    Dissertation: Useful dangers: The erotics of form, sadomasochism, Victorian narrative

    Alexis Lothian
    , Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and LGBT Studies
    University of Maryland, College Park
    Dissertation: “Deviant Futures: Queer Temporality and the Cultural Politics of Science Fiction”

    Jose A. Navarro, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
    Dissertation: Machos y Malinchistas: Chicano/Latino Gang Narratives & Culture

    Matthew Smith, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
    Azusa Pacific University, English
    Dissertation: “Stage, Cathedral, Wagon, Street: The Grounds of Belief in Shakespeare and Renaissance Performance”

    Adrienne Walser, Assistant Professor of Literature
    Bard College MAT, California
    Dissertation: Modernism's Poetics of Dislocation

  • 2011

    Natasha Alvandi Hunt, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
    Lone Star College
    Dissertation: Transitive Spaces: Mid-Victorian Anxiety in the Face of Change

    Jennifer Ansley, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Duke University, Thompson Writing Program
    Dissertation: Labors of Love: Reading Queer Female Kinship in the Melodramatic Mode

    Judith DeTar, Senior Editor
    American Indian Studies Center
    University of California, Los Angeles;
    Adjunct Instructor
    Los Angeles City College
    Dissertation: Real work: The stage actress in the Bildungsromans of Geraldine Jewsbury and Louisa May Alcott

    Shayna Kessel, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: Open Wounds: Rethinking Trauma in Twentieth-Century Literature and Visual Culture

    Rory Lukins, Lecturer in the Department of English
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: The Ethics of Form: Politics, the Passions, and Genre Formation in the English Renaissance

    Brett Myhren
    , Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA
    Dissertation: Ahistoricism and the literature of California, 1510--1846

    Elizabeth Park, Writer
    Kelly House Museum
    Dissertation: Going Beyond the Victory Garden: War, Gender, and Women of National Concern

    Stephen Park, The Writing Program
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: The Pan American Imagination: Modern U.S. Literature's Hemispheric Vision

    Jeffrey Solomon, Department of English (part-time faculty)
    College of the Redwoods
    Dissertation: Fictional Nations: U.S. Geopolitical Realism and the Developing World in the Long 19th Century

  • Previous years

    Chris Abani, Regents Board of Trustees Endowed Professor of English
    Northwestern University
    Dissertation: The Myth of Fingerprints: Signifying as Displacement in Derek Walcott's "Omeros"
    Creative project: Daphne's Lot (novel)

    Vidhu Aggarwal, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Rollins College
    Dissertation: Undecidable Cases: Investigations into Lyric Modes and Affective Processes

    William (Memo) Arce, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    University of Texas-Arlington
    Dissertation: A Nation in Uniform: Chicano/Latino War Literature and the Construction of Nation 1951–1976

    Kent Baxter, Associate Professor
    California State University, Northridge
    Dissertation: Identity in crisis: Modernism and the Texts of Adolescence

    Sumangala Bhattacharya, Associate Professor
    Pitzer College
    Dissertation: Victorian Hunger

    Elizabeth Binggeli, High School Teacher
    Immaculate Heart;
    Past position: Postdoc at University of Chicago in English and Cinema and Media Studies
    Dissertation: 'Obviously not for the Screen:' Race, Hollywood Story Searches, and the Revenge of Unfilmable Narrative

    Michael Blackie, Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine
    Northeast Ohio Medical University
    Past position: 2-year Postdoc in Film and Literature
    Hiram College Literature and Medicine Program
    Dissertation: Rest Cures: The Narrative Life of a Medical Practice

    Ruth Blandon, Department of English (full-time faculty)
    East Los Angeles College
    Dissertation: Trans-American Modernisms: Racial Passing, Travel Writing, and Cultural Fantasies of Latin America

    Elizabeth Bleicher, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Coordinator of English Education
    Academic Director, Ithaca College Exploratory Program
    Honors Program Faculty Member
    Ithaca College
    Dissertation: 'Whom Do You Take me For?': Narrative Self-fashioning and Confidence in Victorian Fiction

    Amaranth Borsuk, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    University of Washington, Bothell
    Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at MIT, 2010-2012
    Dissertation"Machines Made of Words": Poets, Technology, and the Mediation of Subjectivity
    Creative projectPomegranate-eater (poems)

    Amy Braden, Associate Director
    USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute
    Dissertation: As She Fled: Women and Movement in Early Modern English Poetry and Drama

    Leslie Bruce, Full-time lecturer, Department of English
    California State University, Fullerton
    Dissertation: Outlaw mothers: Marital conflict, family law, and women's novels in Victorian England

    John Bruns, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Director, Film Studies Program
    Affiliated Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies Program
    College of Charleston
    Dissertation: Loopholes: Reading Comically

    Elizabeth Callaghan, Contributing writer
    Apartment Therapy
    Dissertation: Domestic Topographies: Gender and the House in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel

    Brooke Allan Carlson, Lectureship
    Chaminade University, Honolulu
    Past position: Non-TT, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea
    Dissertation: Printing Pleasing Profit: Crafting Capital Sales and Selves in Early Modern English Drama

    Erin Toth Caron, Lecturer
    Department of Theatre Arts
    California State University, Long Beach
    Dissertation: Vietnam War Drama 1966-2008: American Theatrical Responses to the War and its Aftermath

    Joseph Carrithers, Professor
    Fullerton College
    Dissertation: On the Margins of Memory: Narrating the Past in the Contemporary Multicultural Novel

    Arnab Chakladar, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    Dissertation: At Home in the World: Indian Literature in the Postcolonial Academy

    Ava Chin, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    CUNY-Staten Island
    Dissertation: A Nation in Uniform: Chicano/Latino War Literature and the Construction of Nation 1951–1976

    Stephan Clark, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    Augsburg College, Minnesota
    Dissertation: The Grotesque in Post-War American Literature
    Creative project: The Flavorist (novel)

    Jennifer Conary, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    De Paul University
    Dissertation: Beautiful Lost Causes: Quixotic Reform and the Victorian Novel

    Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Associate Professor (tenured)
    St. Olaf's College

    Shauna L. Eddy-Sanders, (part-time faculty)
    Brigham Young University
    Dissertation: Signing Identity and Rethinking U.S. Poetry: Acts of Translating American Sign Language, African American, and Chicano Poetry and the Language of Silence

    Molly Engelhardt, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi
    Dissertation: Dancing out of Line: Ballrooms, Ballets, and Victorian Bodies in Motion

    Richard Fliegel, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    University of Southern California
    Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
    Dissertation: The Codes of Literacy

    Plamen Gaptov, Assistant Professor
    Sofia University, Bulgaria
    Dissertation: Slow Folk at Work! Literary appropriations of local traditions by Irish, Caribbean, Spanish, and Bulgarian modernists

    Alicia Garnica, Lecturer in Department of Comparative Literature
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: The Curious Life of the Corpse in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

    Nora Gilbert, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    University of North Texas
    Dissertation: The Joy of Censorship: Strategies of Circumvention in Novel and Film

    Jitender Gill, Associate Professor
    Department of English
    Janki Devi College, University of Delhi
    Fulbright Teaching Fellowship, 2010-2011
    Dissertation: Servants of the Raj: Colonials and their fictions, 1770--1930

    Joel Gordon, Attorney
    O’Melveny and Meyers, LLP
    Dissertation: The Reformation of the World: History, Revelation, and Reform in the Antebellum Romance

    Theresa Gregor, Executive Director
    InterTribal Long Term Recovery Foundation
    Associate Researcher
    California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center
    California State University, San Marcos
    Dissertation: From Captors to Captives: Native American Responses to Popular American Narrative Forms

    Pamela Grieman, Publications Manager
    American Indian Studies Center
    University of California, Los Angeles;
    Adjunct Professor
    Los Angeles City College
    Dissertation: Representing the Unnarratable: 'Feminist Terrorism' and the Problem of Realism in the Novel

    Andrew Hakim, Lecturer
    Princeton University, Writing Program
    Dissertation: Fictions of Representation:  Narrative and the Politics of Self-Making in the Interwar American Novel

    Desmond Harding, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Central Michigan University
    Dissertation: Writing the City: Urban Visions and Literary Modernism (pb. Routledge, 2003)

    Tanya Heflin, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Dissertation: Those Secret Exhibitionists: Women's Psychological Diaries at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

    Lucia Hodgson, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Texas A&M University
    Dissertation: Nature, Nurture, Nation: Race and Childhood in Transatlantic American Discourses of Slavery

    Shakira Holt, English Teacher
    Firebaugh High School
    Dissertation: “‪On Speaking Terms: ‪Spirituality and Sensuality in the Tradition of Modern Black Female Intellectualism”

    Yetta Howard, Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature (tenure-track)
    San Diego State University
    Dissertation: Ugly Dykes: Pejorative Identities and the Anti-Aesthetics of Lesbianism

    Jinny Huh, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    University of Vermont;
    Postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA
    Dissertation: The Arresting Eye: Race and the Detection of Deception

    Cathy Irwin, Associate Professor
    University of La Verne
    Dissertation: Voices in the Mirror: Sacrifice and the Theater of the Body in the Dramatic Monologues of Ai and Frank Bidart

    Katherine Karlin, Associate Professor of English (tenure track)
    Kansas State University
    Dissertation: Alewives and Factory Girls: Literary Representations of Working Woman
    Creative project: Freedom of Information (novel)

    Tiffany Knight, Marketing Director
    Dissertation: Labor, Performance, and Theatre: Strike Culture and the Emergence of Organized Labor in the 1930's

    Kevin Laam, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Oakland University
    Dissertation: Borrowed Heaven: Early Modern Devotion and the Art of Happiness

    Unhae Langis, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Slippery Rock State College
    Dissertation: Disciplined Passion: Virtuous Moderation in Shakespearean Drama

    Sun Hee Theresa Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor
    Carleton College
    Dissertation: Self-Reflexivity and Minority Politics in Contemporary American Literature and Performance

    Deborah Levitt, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Eugene Language College, The New School for Liberal Arts
    Dissertation: ZoeTropes: Cinema, literature, and the modernity of the living picture

    Frank Mabee, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Fitchburg State
    Dissertation: The Pastured Sea: Maritime Radicalism and British Romanticism

    Jennifer Malia, Assistant Professor of English (tenure track)
    Norfolk State University
    Dissertation: Romancing the Bomb: Gothic Terror and Terrorism in Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century

    Marci McMahon, Associate Professor, Department of English
    Director, Mexican American Studies
    University of Texas, Pan American
    ADVANCE Administrative Fellow, VPFA
    Dissertation: Domestic Negotiations: Chicana Domesticity as a Critical Discourse of U.S. Literature and Culture

    Barbara Mello, Adjunct Faculty
    California State University, Long Beach

    Michael Miklos, Ralph Bunche Professor, English
    Los Angeles City College
    Dissertation: Undermining Common Sense: Racial Legislation, Comedy, and the Family

    Peter O'Neill, Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature
    University of Georgia, Athens
    Dissertation: Transatlantic Irish and the Racial State

    Samuel Park, Assistant Professor
    Columbia College
    Dissertation: The Performance of Race in Asian American Drama

    Kirsten Parkinson, Director, Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature
    John S. Kenyon Professor of English
    Hiram College
    Dissertation: Home Work: Women, Accomplishments, and Victorian Constructions of Class

    James Penner, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    English Department of the College of General Studies, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (San Juan)
    Dissertation: Pinks, Pansies, and Punks: The Rhetoric of Masculinity in American Literary Culture from the Depression to the Sexual Revolution

    Kevin Pinkham, Assistant Professor of English
    Nyack College, New York
    Dissertation: Through the Bottom of a Glass Darkly: Narrative, Alcohol, and Identity in Temperance and Prohibition-Era

    Shefali Rajamannar, Associate Director of The Writing Program
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: Making Kingdoms Out of Beasts: Animals and the British Raj

    Michael Robinson, Adjunct Faculty in Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: Ornamental Gentlemen: Literary Curiosities and Queer Romanticisms

    Cynthia Sarver, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Dissertation: Seeing in the Dark: Race, Representation and the Ethics of Visuality in Literary Modernism

    Ned Schantz, Associate Professor
    McGill University
    Dissertation: Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of Female Networks in Film and Literature

    Amy Schroeder, Assistant Professor
    Dogus University
    Dissertation: Typewriters and Cooking Smells: The Associated Sensibilities of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, T.S. Eliot, and Jorie Graham
    Creative project: The Sleep Hotel (poetry collection)

    Joshua Smith, Department of English (part-time faculty)
    Chaffey Community College
    Dissertation: Black Origins of the American Self: Frontier Mythology in Early African American Literature

    Jeffrey M. Solomon, Lecturer
    University of Southern California, English
    Past position: Visiting Assistant Professor (non-tenure track)
    St. Olaf College, Minnesota
    Dissertation: Fabulous Potency: Gertrude Stein, Truman Capote, Authorial Personae, and Homosexual Identity from the Wilde Trials to Stonewall

    Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman, Associate Professor (tenure track)
    Binghamton University;
    Editor in Chief, Sounding Out!
    Dissertation: The Contours of the Sonic Color-line: Slavery, Segregation, and the Cultural Politics of Listening
    Website: and

    Kathryn Strong Hansen, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
    Dissertation: Dress and Deception: Women's Dress and the Eighteenth-Century British Novel

    Hande Tekdemir, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Bosphorus University, Istanbul
    Dissertation: Collective Melacholy: Istanbul at the Crossroads History, Space and Memory

    Mary Beth Tegan, Associate Professor
    St. Xavier University
    Dissertation: Vanity's Heirs: Feminist Readers' Reflections Within the Mirror of Romance, 1788-1876

    David Tomkins, Lecturer in The Writing Program
    University of Southern California
    Dissertation: Cowboys of the Wasteland: Modernism and the American Frontier

    Laura Skandera Trombley, President elect
    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
    President, Pitzer College
    Dissertation: The charmed circle: Mark Twain, women, and the integration of imagination

    Alison Tymoczko Jeffries, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of English
    Pasadena City College
    Dissertation: Writing Under the Auspices of Eros: Female Encounters with Ovid's Cupid in Early Modern English Literature

    Onita Vaz, Associate Professor
    Davidson College
    Dissertation: Perpetual Self-Duplication: Coleridge's Practice of Revision

    Alice Marie Villaseñor, Assistant Professor (tenure track)
    Medaille College, New York
    Dissertation: Women Readers and the Victorian Jane Austen

    Sean Zwagerman, Associate Professor
    Undergraduate Chair, Department of English
    Simon Fraser University
    Dissertation: At Wit's End: The Rhetoric of Humor and the Ends of Talk

j. C. Graduate alumni publications pictured above:
James Penner, Pinks, Pansies, and Punks Indiana UP 2010; Peter D. O'Neill and David Lloyd, The Black and Green Atlantic Palgrave Macmillan 2009; Molly Engelhardt, Dancing out of Line Ohio UP 2009; Amy Newlove Schroeder, The Sleep Hotel Oberlin College Press 2010; Bonnie Nadzam, Lamb Other Press 2011; Alexis Lothian, Futures of Feminism and Fandom Aqueduct 2012.

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