Graduate Alumni Publications

  1. Stephen M. Park. The Pan American Imagination, 2014 (University of Virginia)
  2. Stephan Eirik Clark. Sweetness #9, 2014 (Little, Brown & Company)
  3. Ava Chin. Eating Wildly: Foraging for Life, Love and the Perfect Meal, 2014 (Simon & Schuster)
  4. Chris Abani. The Secret History of Las Vegas, 2014 (Penguin)
  5. Richard Fliegel. Death of a Charity Girl, 2013 (Chemsford Press)
  6. Nora Gilbert. Better Left Unsaid: Victorian Novels, Hays Code Films, and the Benefits of Censorship, 2013 (Stanford)
  7. Genevieve Kaplan. settings for these scenes, 2013 (Convulsive Editions)
  8. Marci McMahon. Domestic Negotiations: Gender, Nation, and Self-Fashioning in US Mexicana and Chicana Literature and Art, 2013 (Rutgers)
  9. Tami Parr. Pacific Northwest Cheese, 2013 (Oregon State)
  10. Jessica Piazza. Interrobang, 2013 (Red Hen Press)
  11. Andrew Allport. the body | of space | in the shape of the human, 2012 (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
  12. Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse. Between Page and Screen, 2012 (Siglio Press)
  13. Amaranth Borsuk. Handiwork, 2012 (Slope Editions)
  14. Stephan Clark. Vladimir's Mustache and Other Stories, 2012 (Russian Information Services, Inc.)
  15. Alexis Lothian. The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 6: Futures of Feminism and Fandom, 2012 (Aqueduct Press)
  16. Samuel Park. This Burns My Heart, 2012 (Simon & Schuster)
  17. Shefali Rajamannar. Reading the Animal in the Literature of the British Raj, 2012 (Palgrave Macmillan)
  18. Ned Schantz. Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of Female Networks in Film and Literature, 2012 (Oxford)
  19. Stacy Gnall. Heart First into the Forest, 2011 (Alice James Books)
  20. Katherine Karlin. Send Me Work: Stories, 2011 (Northwestern)
  21. Genevieve Kaplan. In the ice house, 2011 (Red Hen Press)
  22. Unhae Park Langis. Passion, Prudence, and Virtue in Shakespearean Drama, 2011 (Bloomsbury)
  23. Sun Hee Teresa Lee. How to Analyze the Films of Tim Burton, 2011 (Abdo Publishing Company)
  24. Bonnie Nadzam. Lamb, 2011 (Other Press)
  25. Laura Skandera Trombley. Mark Twain's Other Woman, 2011 (Knopf)
  26. Annalisa Zox-Weaver. Women Modernists and Fascism, 2011 (Cambridge)
  27. Chris Abani. Sanctificum, 2010 (Copper Canyon Press)
  28. Amaranth Borsuk. Tonal Saw (chapbook), 2010 (The Song Cave)
  29. James Penner. Pinks, Pansies, and Punks: The Rhetoric of Masculinity in American Literary Culture, 2010 (Indiana University)
  30. Amy Newlove Schroeder. The Sleep Hotel, 2010 (Oberlin)
  31. Sean Zwagerman. Wit's End: Women's Humor as Rhetorical and Performative Strategy, 2010 (University of Pittsburgh)
  32. John Bruns. Loopholes: Reading Comically, 2009 (Transaction Publishers)
  33. Molly Engelhardt. Dancing out of Line: Ballrooms, Ballets, and Mobility in Victorian Fiction and Culture, 2009 (Ohio University)
  34. Peter O'Neill and David Lloyd. The Black and Green Atlantic, 2009 (Palgrave Macmillan)
  35. Chris Abani. The Virgin of Flames, 2008 (Penguin Books)
  36. Kent Baxter. The Modern Age: Turn-of-the-Century American Culture and the Invention of Adolescence, 2008 (University of Alabama)
  37. Jennifer Kwon Dobbs. Paper Pavilion, 2007 (White Pine Press)
  38. Laura Skandera Trombley. Mark Twain in the Company of Women, 1994 (University of Pennsylvania)

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