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Engaging Funders Worksheet

As you prepare to seek private funding for your research or program, please refer to the worksheet below to assist you in developing a case for support, as well as aid CFR in understanding your needs.  Be prepared to discuss these questions as you explore funding opportunities and develop your proposal.

  • What is your concept (key idea, purpose, goal)?
  • What problem/need are you addressing? Why is it important?
  • What types of activities will support this goal? Why did you choose these methods?
  • What audience(s) will be served by this program (who, how many etc.)?
  • Who will direct the program/project? What are your other staffing needs?
  • Are there other potential collaborators for the program/project (i.e. departments/units, community agencies, other academic institutions)?
  • Do you need any departmental or institutional approvals for the project?
  • What is the time frame for the program/project (anticipated start and finish, minimum time for program/project to be effective etc.)?
  • Will the program continue after external funding ceases (i.e. will it operate at a reduced level, will it have realized its goals and end, will it be funded with internal funds, be institutionalized)?
  • How much money is needed to implement your program/project? How will the money be spent—what are the budget line items?
  • Do you have additional funds (from USC or other funders) to contribute to the effort?
  • What is the program’s/project’s potential for a broad impact (beyond just the USC Community)?
  • How will you evaluate the project? How will you know if you are successful? Who will evaluate the program?


Additional Resources

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For more information, please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.