Taiwan in the World







Monday, March 3, 2014

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Ahn House (AHN), USC

This conference will provide graduate students working on Taiwan an opportunity to interact with established scholars and receive feedback on their research projects, with the goal of encouraging students to continue working on issues related to Taiwan and to help publicize our work and our students and further their careers. 

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1:00-2:30: Session 1
Taiwan-China Relations and Chinese Foreign Policy

>Gloria Koo, PhD Student, USC POIR - “Economic Hierarchy in East Asia: A Closer Look at the Dominance of the US Dollar in the Region”
>Julian Wang, Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow, USC EASC - “Culture Matters: The Covenant of Chanyuan as a CBM in Song-Liao Relations”
>Chin-hao Huang, PhD Student, USC POIR - “Cautious Compliance: Theory and a Case Study on China’s Socialization Processes and Conventional Arms Control”

>Tai Ming Cheung, Associate Professor, UC San Diego International Relations and Pacific Studies
>David Kang, Professor, USC International Relations and Business
>Dorothy Solinger, Professor, UC Irvine Political Science

2:45-4:15Session 2
Territorial Disputes and Economic Relations

>Meredith Shaw, PhD Student, USC POIR - “The Starting Power of Water: Fuzzy Maritime Borders and Great-Power Rivalry in the Asia Pacific”
>Jeremiah Dost, PhD Student, USC POIR - “Solutions without resolutions: East Asian territorial disputes across dictatorship and democracy”
>Jiun Bang, PhD Student, USC POIR - “The 'Good' Kind of Name-Calling: China's Lexicography of Bilateral Relations”

>Thomas Bernstein, Professor Emeritus, Columbia Political Science
>Phillip Lipscy, Assistant Professor, Stanford Political Science
>Dan Lynch, Associate Professor, USC International Relations

4:30-5:00: Session 3
Discussant Roundtable: East Asian International Relations & Future Collaboration Among West Coast IR Scholars


  • East Asian Studies Center
  • 3454 Trousdale Parkway
  • College Administrative Services Building (CAS) 100
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0154