Graduate Students

First Year

Yunfei (Lillian) Shang
Research Area: East Asian cinema and languages

Stefan Tsai
Research Area: US-China relations and the social, political and economic relations between China, Japan and Korea

Second Year

Cassandra Dierolf
Research Area: Early modern Japanese history; cultural interactions between Japan, China and Korea 

Nanzhou Li
Research Area: Modern East Asian cultures and religions and cross-cultural interactions; security issues of the region with a focus on Chinese foreign policy

Ju-Yu (Chloe) Huang
Research Area: Migration between China and Taiwan; cross-strait economic and cultural relations

Yi Shao
Research Area: Contemporary Chinese film market and industry; censorship in Chinese cinema; US-China co-productions

Caitlyn Stone
Research Area: US-Chinese relations and regional security issues; Chinese political economy and party-state institutions; social and economic development in modern China


Third Year

Kimberly Ordel
Research Area: Political, social and economic change over time in pre-edo Japan, particularly the changing power of the imperial family and the growth of Shoguns and establishment of shogunates; Classical Japanese

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