East Asia Visual Cultures Series

The East Asia Visual Cultures series, funded by EASC’s Department of Education Title VI grant, sponsors events related to East Asian arts, film, media, and popular culture. The series aims to bring together art and media industry experts, filmmakers, scholars, and the wider community. In years past, EASC has invited renowned film directors such as Li Yang (China), Feng Xiao Gang (China), Im Kwon-Taek (Korea), Iwai Shunji (Japan), and many others.

Past Events

Korean Shaman Performance and Screening
January 16-18, 2015
A film screaning and exhibition featuring KIM Keum-hwa, a Korean shaman who was designated an "Important Intangible Cultural Property of Korea" in 1985. Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits is a dramatization of Ms. Kim's life and career during the changing environment in Korea and the shifting views on shamanism.

From Ground Zero to Degree Zero: Akira as Origin and Oblivion
January 22, 2014
Talk by Christopher Bolton, Associate Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature at Williams College, exploring the limitations and strengths of manga and anime as media through a comparison of the animated film Akira with the manga the film was based on. 

2013 Korean Film Festival
March 1-2, 2013
Two-day film festival celebrating South Korean director, Choi Dong-hoon, including film screenings and a panel discussion with the director, scholars and members of the film industry.

Visions and Voices: Nikkatsu at 100
October 26-28, 2012
Three-day event in honor of the 100th anniversary of Japan's Nikkatsu Film Studio including screenings and discussions with filmmakers, scholars and critics on Nikkatsu’s enduring legacy in Japan and its historical place in the film world.

Voices of Mono-ha Artists: Contemporary Art in Japan, Circa 1970
February 24, 2012
Symposium featuring several artists of the Mono-ha art movement in Japan. Participants include artists Haraguchi Noriyuki, Koshimizu Susumu, Lee Ufan, Sekine Nobuo and Suga Kishio, as well as curators, art historians and scholars.

Sacred Striptease: A Rite of Renewal or Hadaka Matsuri
October 27, 2011
Screening of an original documentary film by Joseph R. Hawkins, Director of the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at USC. The film, shot in Ichinobe, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, explores an example of a local hadaka matsuri, or "naked festival," a centuries-old Japanese ritual.

2011 USC Korean Film Festival
February 18-20, 2011
Film festival focusing on future directions in Korean cinema and screened six important modern Korean films in 35mm. The festival also featured a panel discussion with Soojin Hwang (KOFIC USA), Nam Lee (Chapman University), Hoonam Lee (Joonang Ilbo), Martin Kim (CJ Entertainment/CFV America), and moderator David James (USC).


  • East Asian Studies Center
  • University of Southern California
  • 823 W. 34th Street
  • College House (CLH 101)
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