Personal Webpages

The department strongly recommends everyone to have a personal webpage to publish their professional information. You can use the Content Management System provided by Dornsife at /site-wizard. It's relatively easy to use but the cons are it has a meaningless URL, restricts creativity, and terminates once you leave.  The department provides server space as well that  allows you total freedom in creating your site and has a better URL, however, it may be challenging to some to create a site from scratch.  We do not recommend using the www-scf domain.

Server Space:

username: (your geosys username)
password: (your geosys password)

If you do not like your username, we can create a better alias






You can use Fetch or Filezilla sftp programs (Mac & Win respectively) to upload.

Webpage editor:

There's numerous programs to create a webpage, below are some of the more popular ones.

Program Mac Win Comments
Dreamweaver X X Most versatile, requires some learning
iWeb X   Easiest to use for Macs.  Newer version support sFTP to upload directly.  Older version will require Fetch to  upload.
notepad/text X X If you know html, this is the most simple way

Alternatively, you can e-mail me your CV (or something close to that), some photos and I will create a generic one on

Regardless of where your site is, you need to login to to tell the college database you have a website. [ MY PERSONAL INFO > PROFESSIONAL INFO > BIOGRAPHICAL INFO > LINKS ].  Otherwise, you will not show up on /earth/students


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