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The Martian?
Kenneth Nealson takes a cautionary approach to new research about potential life on the red planet

Exotic microbe discovered in undersea aquifer
Alberto Robador, lead author of a study published in Frontiers in Microbiology and Prof. Jan Amend were recently covered in the Science section of the LA Times.

Banda Arc field work begins. Dr. Miller, Dr. West, and Dr. Becker  will incorporate the analysis of Earth processes across a wide range of spatial scales - the uplift and erosion of the surface will be linked to the internal strength of the crust, which in turn will be linked to the large-scale flow of the underlying mantle.  Follow their blog.

Former Earth Sciences post doc and current assistant professor of physics, Moh El-Naggar is selected to receive the 2012  Presidential Early Career Award for
Scientists and Engineers. Read more.

It's official. California is in a drought. But as Sarah Feakins explains we have been here before. NBC4 Conan Nolan gets a historcial perspective.  See the video.


Moroccan mountains float on molten rock. 
Lead author Meghan Miller and co-author Thorsten Becker,  show that the mountains are floating on a layer of hot molten rock that flows beneath the region’s lithosphere, perhaps all the way from the volcanic Canary Islands, just offshore northwestern Africa.  The paper was published by Geology on Jan. 1 and highlighted by Nature Geoscience. Full Article | Published Paper.

Finding Fault
Winner of a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award, USC Dornsife’s Thorsten Becker will continue research into the science — and sound — of earthquakes. His research seeks to help scientists understand where fault ruptures originate.Full Article

Shaking it up in Morocco. Led by Meghan Miller, earth sciences brings USC Dornsife students to Morocco to research the tectonic and geologic history of the land and collect seismometers deployed throughout rural areas. Full Article.

Along the River Route - In a canoe, Sarah Feakins , Josh West, and Camilo Ponton and their team negotiated a river through the lush rainforest in Peru to study the erosive processes that carry Andean sediments and organic carbon down toward the sea. Read the full article

Daoyuan Sun receives Postdoctoral Scholar Research Grant

Hannah Liddy awarded a Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellowship

Sarah Feakins' Geology Paper challenges how long humans have walked on grasslands.

Thomas Jordan appointed fellow of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Katrina Edwards receives A.G. Huntsman Award for Excellence in Marine Science from the Canadian Royal Society

Frank Corsetti appointed as a Fellow of the Geological Society of America

Tom Jordan Earns AGI Award

USC team lead by Jan Amend to investigate life beyond Earth

Radio interview with Sarah Feakins about "When the Antarctic was Green"

Tom Jordan receives AGI’s 2012 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Understanding of the Geosciences

USC Earth Sciences in the news - Thorsten Becker and Mantle Circulation (Discover Magazine)

Yehuda Ben-Zion elected as a Fellow of the AGU

Meghan Miller and colleagues' recent discovery in Nature

Earth Sciences' Jean Morrison named Provost of Boston University

Meghan Miller nominated as 2010-2011 EarthScope speaker

USC Geophysics program ranked 9th in the nation by US News & World Report!

New Center for Chinese Fossil Discoveries is launched


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