Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences

  BS in Geological Sciences BA in Earth Sciences BS in Physical Sciences BS in Environmental Studies

Required courses


Introduction: Any one of (4 units):  
GEOL 105L Planet Earth 4
GEOL 107Lx Oceanography 4
GEOL 108L Crises of a Planet 4
GEOL 125Lx Earth History: A Planet and its Evolution 4
GEOL 130Lx The Nature of Scientific Inquiry 4
GEOL 150Lx Climate Change 4
GEOL 240Lx Earthquakes 4
Required (12 units):  
GEOL 315L Minerals and Earth Systems 4
GEOL 385 Research Methods in the Earth Sciences 2
GEOL 494x Senior Thesis 2
GEOL 465 Summer Field Geology, or  
GEOL 490x Directed Research 4
Electives: choose seven of the following (28 units)*:  
BISC/GEOL 427 The Global Environment 4
BISC 474 Ecosystem Systems Function and Earth 4
BISC 483 Geobiology and Astrobiology 4
GEOL 316L Petrologic Systems 4
GEOL 320L Surficial Processes and Stratigraphic Systems 4
GEOL 321L Structural Geology and Tectonics 4
GEOL 412 Oceans, Climate, and the Environment 4
GEOL 425L Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
GEOL 433L Paleontology and Evolution in Deep Time 4
GEOL 440L Geophysics and Geoengineering 4
GEOL 450L Geosystems 4
GEOL 460L Geochemistry and Hydrogeology 4
GEOL 470 Environmental Hydrogeology 4
MATH 225 Linear Algebra and Linear Differential Equations 4
MATH 226 Calculus III 4

*Up to two upper division courses from other science departments may be substituted for any two in this group, on approval of the departmental undergraduate advisor.

Required courses from other departments (24 units):  
CHEM 105aLbL General Chemistry, or  
CHEM 115aLbL Advanced General Chemistry 4-4
MATH 125 Calculus I 4
MATH 126 Calculus II 4
PHYS 135abL Physics for the Life Sciences, or  
PHYS 151L Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, and  
PHYS 152L Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, or  
BISC 120Lx General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution, and  
BISC 220L General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology, or  
BISC 121L Advanced General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution, and  
BISC 221L Advanced General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology 4-4

Total units


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