Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

  BS in Geological Sciences BA in Earth Sciences BS in Physical Sciences BS in Environmental Studies

Required courses


Required Core Courses: 48
BISC 103Lx General Biology for the Environment and Life 4
CHEM 103Lx General Chemistry for the Environment and Life 4
ENST 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies 4
ENST 320ab Water and Soil Sustainability; Energy and Air Sustainability 4-4
ENST 387 Economics for Natural Resources and the Environment 4
ENST 495 Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies 4
GEOL 160L Introduction to Geosystems 4
IR 323 Politics of Global Environment 4
MATH 125 Calculus I 4
POSC 270 Introduction to Environmental Law and Politics 4
PSYC 274 Statistics I 4
Required Earth Sciences Courses:  
MATH 126 Calculus II 4
PHYS 151Lg Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics 4
Two of the following upper division courses:  
BISC 427 The Global Environment 4
ENST 485 Role of the Environment in the Collapse of Human Societies 4
GEOL 315 Minerals and Earth Systems 4
GEOL 412 Oceans, Climate and the Environment 4
GEOL 425 Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
GEOL 450L Geosystems 4

Total units


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